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Disneyland for Cairns?

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A LIBERAL Federal MP from Queensland has spent $28,000 on a taxpayer-funded study tour with his wife that included a visit to Disneyland in LA for a conversation that could have been done over the phone for $22. Ian Macdonald said he visited the American theme park because he wanted to open a Disneyland in Cairns near the heritage-listed Great Barrier Reef - despite local tourism chiefs and Disney representatives rejecting the idea. During two hours in Disneyland, Mr Macdonald caught the Disney train and had his picture taken next to the famous Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse statue. He was chauffeured to Anaheim Disneyland by the Australian consulate, after complaining about the hefty price of American taxis. His return taxi fare was $US70 ($A108). In his report to Parliament following the trip, Mr Macdonald said he met Disneyland Resort area manager of guest relations John Martin to discuss opening a Disneyland near the reef. "There is no doubt in my mind that Disneyland is a huge drawcard, and whilst both Townsville and Cairns have particular natural attractions with the Barrier Reef and the Wet Tropics, there are opportunities I believe for man-made attractions," he wrote. But Disneyland executives were unreceptive to the idea, saying there was not a large enough local population to support Disneyland. It was a discussion that could have taken place over the phone at a cost of $22.05. "I went there to talk to management but they told me Disneyland relies principally on local population rather than tourists and the local population in Queensland wasn't big enough to fully support that sort of thing," Mr Macdonald told The Sunday Mail. "North Queensland Tropical Tourism chiefs did not like the idea of turning land near the heritage-listed Great Barrier Reef into a Disneyland, either. "I mentioned it to Tropical Tourism North Queensland not long after I came back but they said they had thought about it before but had come to the conclusion that there wasn't sufficient local population to support it." The parliamentarian's overseas study travel report released last week reveals Mr Macdonald's trip from April 15 to May 11 this year cost $28,822, with visits to the US, Sweden, France, Turkey and Italy. He also attended a dawn memorial service at Villers-Bretonneux in France, met officials at the UN in New York to discuss climate change and held discussions with Australian diplomats and foreign officers in the US. In New York, Mr Macdonald said he also attended performances of Hairspray and The Jersey Boys on Broadway, at his own expense. In his report to Parliament, where MPs recount what they have learnt on their overseas trip that could contribute to Australian life, Mr Macdonald said the message in Hairspray was that "you didn't need to be exquisitely slim and beautiful to be the star".
Bahahaha, what a tool. I think anybody on here could have told him Disneyland wont work up in Cairns. What makes it funnier is that they sent out the guest relations manager, so they weren't even taking him seriously from a business perspective. Oh well, guess they will have to settle for Adventure Mountain water park :rolleyes: Edited by Gazza
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