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Questions About Movie World

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Hey I just wont to know what you think about the park?(MovieWorld) 1) What is the Best Ride? 2) What do you like about movieworld? 3) What do you think about the staff? 4) Do you think it is worth going there? (money) 5) Do you wish to work there? I just want to know what you think Thank you guys Randy23

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err, that is a very strange post, but ok, i'll humour you! 1) Superman escape and scooby doo 2) Too many things to list 3) Mostly fantastic except they need to call out for single riders more often in the ride line-ups! I always see empty seats going through and i'm always a single rider. 4) Get an annual pass 5) It would be fun but i wouldn't try to make a career out of being a ride op! Also the park would lose it's 'magic' after a few weeks of working there i reckon... to some degree at least. I hope that answers your questions Randy23.

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Well i'm biased as I do actually work there but here goes: 1) Scooby Doo... Love it! 2) Scooby Doo! plus I have taken lots of friends including young kids in the past year or so and they really enjoy the shows and characters, as do I. 3) I know that they are all great people who will try their best to make your day. 4) Yeah I do, especially a QLD VIP pass... I would challenge anyone to say that's not value for money. 5) I already do work there, but I honestly love my job. It's not my career choice but while I'm at school and uni it's fantastic. rival... i've been with the company for a few years now but I still enjoy watching the parade every time it goes by. It's a different sort of magic.

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