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A bit of a flying visit to this one on October 31, and it was a pleasant surprise.

In a nutshell: there was 4 mazes, the rides were all open, trick or treat stations, Halloween themed concessions, a show, face painting and scare actors throughout the park.

Halloscream is a separately ticketed event, and based on it's popularity I hope they add dates and expand the event next year.

The mazes:

Dead and Breakfast: this is a slightly re-themed Mystery Manor with a different narrative. It's short, but the sets are great and the scare actors were seriously going for it. A friend who was working in the maze promised she'd make me crap my pants, better luck next year lol (or slip some laxatives in my drink before the event). After years of Halloween Horror Nights and many other US haunts I'm pretty de-sensitised.

Private Screaming: located under the wild mouse in what is usually a function room I believe. This was another really cool maze with some great performances from the scare actors. You go into a screening room and sit down to see one of the scare actor's films, but something goes wrong and she bursts through the screen and complains you've ruined your movie and you should get out. What follows is various movie monster (human and otherwise) encounters. Norman Bates was especially good.

Alone: this is in the mirror maze under the slides in Coney Island. Basically it's in the dark with scare actors at various points and hanging bodies to navigate through. Good fun.

Madame Fortuna's Forgotten Funfair: a carnival themed maze in a tent on the old Ranger site. A lot of fun with really committed scare actors and even some rather acrobatic performances. Sets weren't anything too great, but the performers more than made up for it. Another fun maze.  

It's a really solid event, and guests were dressed up even more than the scare actors in some cases, some really impressive costumes. My only regret is I didn't have more time to spend there. Crowds were light early and they opened about 15 mins before the advertised start time. I'll definitely go back next year if my schedule permits. 










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6 minutes ago, downunder said:

Yeah it was a pleasant surprise, that was my first time going. 

I don't know how Wet and Wild Sydney's event went, it "sold out" on Thursday night, but Optus Perks were giving away free tickets to Optus customers. A Kylie and Jackie-O haunted house was enough to scare me away.

Kyle would be the main attraction in a haunted house lol

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I didn't go in previous years, so I don't have a comparison point. Did they have two mazes last year? And I'm sure they added more days this year. 

Monday was a good day to go, though I left early so I don't know how crowded it was later. It wouldn't surprise me if they add another weekend next year.

The staff were so into it, everyone was really going for it. They were even scaring in the line to get in before the gates opened. I reckon the big American Halloween events could use some of the LP talent. 

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You are correct Downunder- LPS Halloscream ran for 4 nights this year. The event was a huge success and was sold out all 4 nights.

There were 4 mazes this year- 'Private Screaming' and 'Madam Fortuna's Forgotten Funfair', which were both brand new, and 'Dead and Breakfast', 'Alone' and 'Fortress of Fear' which were story overlays for Mystery Manor, the Coney Island Mirror Maze and the Hair Raiser respectively.

LPS brought in a full theatrical lighting rig for the occasion and the accompanying soundscape was also top notch.

Given the success of this years event, I can see no reason why they would not run this event again for at least the 4 nights or even consider extending it by another night or 2.

Just to give some further minor info on LPS - they are currently in the process of finalising their Xmas holiday rides line-up. Definitely making an appearance will be The Avenger ( this made its debut at  LPS last school holidays and was quite popular. However they are still working out the details for other special attractions which will appear over the Xmas period. The full lineup will be announced late November.

There are still solid plans for an attraction on the old Flying Saucer site and they hope to have something in there by late 2017- however they are still working on the final details. 


Its great to hear such positive feedback surrounding LPS Halloscream event- well planned events like this need to be supported and it seems LPS are on a winner with this annual event.


Looking forward to riding this when I visit the park in January. Hopefully there will be at least another 2 quality holiday rides for a strong Xmas lineup.

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46 minutes ago, downunder said:

^I didn't do Fortress of Fear, I didn't realise there was a significant haunt experience/overlay there, d'oh. I was in a hurry, and was only there a bit over an hour. Did you go through a maze of sorts to get to the ride?



I unfortunately didn't attend the Halloscream event @downunder but my info came from Brad Loxely, the Senior Amusement Park Manager at LPS.

I would assume that given there was an overlay on the Hair raiser, that there was a scare experience before the actual ride. Not sure at how long or extensive it was though. Certainly looks like a lot of fun- will definitely try and get to the event next year!!


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