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Dreamworld's Eureka Mountain Mine Ride: a roller coaster dating back to the 1950s

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Dreamworld's Eureka Mountain Mine Ride: a roller coaster dating back to the 1950s

At the time of its 1986 debut at Dreamworld, the Eureka Mountain Mine Ride was a second-hand roller coaster dating back to the 1950s. It was rebuilt in 1989 with a new ride system and revised layout utilising the original support structure.

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Thanks Team Parkz,  that was a fascinating read and a great  trip down memory lane! I still remember riding the very first version of this with my Mother when Gold Rush opened. She was so terrified with the 'tipping' effect, to be sure it scared the shit out of me too, I was only around 10 at the time. I remember it broke down a lot too. Only got to ride the 1st version once before it went down for months for the new track and major changes.

I had long thought changes to the ride's layout including that last crazy part had remained and the new calm finale was just layed over the top. The whole track and support was indeed a mangled mess by the time they ripped the Mountain off to see what laid beneath!

Scary to think that not even DW Management knew what they were dealing with until then. It's as though they never kept proper records of important stuff like major in-house amendments to their own rides? Pretty reckless and amatueriust practice - not just isolated to Ardent either. This arrogance has plagued the Park for ever and most recently got them into a lot of trouble.

More than ever, they need a Management Team with big time Theme Park experience stat! Time to bring in the big guns with a new CEO, GM, Tech Services and Ops Manager. Stop making the same mistakes and build on skills by listening and learning from what other Parks do. Rather than thinking they know better when clearly they don't.

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This ride was probably Dreamworld's strangest investment so far. Rebuilding the ride would have cost them a fortune, alongside with the shitloads of refurbishments along the way. Then to have it only last 17 years before it shut is quite poor. The sad part is that it could have easily lasted another 10 years after 2006 if they had just gave it some TLC like they had done so many years before. Being too busy was a poor excuse. It's just a shame that only now after a tragic accident do Dreamworld's owners decide to stop neglecting the park.

Viewing articles and talking about the mine ride is easily my favorite part of viewing the Parkz forums and it's really sad that this is how we have to end it. A demolished ride, with no plans to replace it. Though I have only experienced the ride once when I was a small child and barely remember what it was like, something about it just fascinates me. Imagine how incredible it would be to talk to someone who was involved with the ride sometime in the late 80s, as there are still quite a few unanswered questions that would be intriguing to hear the answers to. 

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