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If you could design,name,ect.......your own coaster,what would it be? While I doubt I spelt it right,mine would be called Apocylypse.It would have black-red track because I think colours like yellow and blue look tacky as track colour.I'd make it just a couple of meteres higher than TTD,not just to piss the Americans off,but also because it's probably the most the human body can endure. :) It would reach 190-200KMH and would be themed with comets,cyclones,floods,and twisters. The launch pod would have rows of 4, with 5 rows,and a disant speaker would be speaking about the damage caused by all the disasters and how millions have died.The rider is supposedly part of a select group to travel to the moon research station and save humanity.5,4,3,2,1,BOOM!A jet of fire spews from the back of the pod,and it races into the daylight.All along it had been in a large boarding station the size of a classroom,with an observation behind some glass nearby.The operators have a small booth next to the observation deck.Meanwhile a huge section of the wall has simply slid into the ground.It travels up the hill,plumets back down,and slows down eventually.It stops for five seconds,and,just as the riders start to recover it goes back. I think It's a pretty good idea,but more importantly riding it would be cool. :D

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Yeah, that would be cool, but instead of just making the ride be launch, top hat and brakes, the last section of the ride could be a very twisty high speed track escaping plummenting fireballs, tornados cracks appering in the ground etc, then the brakes could be in the "loading dock" of that space station. And when they get off they would be told via loudspeaker they had made it safely. Now, onto my ride, It is an inverted coaster called 'The Storm'. It would be located in a part of a park named flood valley. The ride would be on a hillside with millions of litres of water gushing down the hillside into a central lake where the roofs of houses are barley visible. The queue area would be on tressle bridges above the water, misters would give the whole ride area that wintry look. The loading sation would be made of stone and timber. The train would depart the station and enter a helix that goes underneath the station, water would rush in a creek below. A short tunnel would lead into the lift up the hillside, thunder noises via loudspeaker and ambient strobes would give a thunderstorm feel up the lift. At the top a fan would create an alminghty gust of wind that would apper to blow the train out of the lift and into a nemesis style firts drop, sequential water jets would fire around the train. the train would gain speed and whip through a corkscrew and into a second drop , before going through a high speed cutback, then there would be a sharp upward incline that leads into an inline twist, the riders are given a breather through a wide u turn, but a dam would open under the track sending a huge torrent of water down the hill. the train would then hurtle down a drop toward water level and up into a loop, with a hugh jet ow water positioned so that there is a near foot collision with it. then a high speed helix would whip riders around before putting them through a cork twist (like on raptor) then a final turn would lead into the brakes. Throughout the ride would be other water effects, and a river rapids ride would make use of the space underneath. providing foot choppers on the rafts.

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