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Winter Sports World , Penrith

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Winter Sports World is an Australian first world class $300 million indoor snow resort development planned for Western Sydney. A major demand generator for tourism and winter sports, helping put Western Sydney on the map as the Adventure Capital.
It’s an exciting proposal for Sydney, the state of New South Wales and also nationally for Australia, with Winter Sports World set to bring year-round snow to Sydney. It will consist of multi-activity offerings with key features such as a 300-metre advanced ski slope, dedicated learn to ski, snow play , Olympic standard ice rink auditorium, ice climbing, hotel, conference, restaurant and cafes.
Winter Sports World will cater for a wide market, i.e. from the first-time snow experience, learn to ski, corporate team bonding, schools, tourists, through to recreational skiing and advanced training. It will also be a training facility for our Winter Olympians in alpine skiing, freestyle skiing, snow board, figure skating, ice hockey, speed skating, curling with the possibility of also catering for cross country and biathlon.
Strategically located in Penrith, Western Sydney within close proximity to amenities, infrastructure and the new Nancy Bird Walton Airport. Subject to planning approvals target opening is for 2024. Winter Sports World is expected to generate around 900 new ongoing jobs, 250,000 tourist visits and of $80million per annum each year to Western Sydney.
No photo description available.
No photo description available.
Check out the media page here:
Exciting looking concept that appears to be well funded and also progressing well towards being a reality. Fingers crossed it gets there!!
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13 hours ago, Smol bean said:

Can't wait to see this never get off the ground like so many big sydney projects do.

I don't think what you suggest is geographically tied to Sydney. Many other projects around Australia have suffered similar fate. I like this project's chances - I grew up in Penrith. Penrith is already host to several olympic level sporting facilities including the regatta centre and Penrith Whitewater. The site is perfectly located, and right next to Panthers \ Cables Ski Park. Will have to wait and see, but i'd like to see this succeed. The new Airport will also make it far easier to connect to the Penrith sporting precincts for state and interstate sporting teams.

With that said, however:

15 hours ago, Jobe said:

Subject to planning approvals target opening is for 2024

clearly they've already had delays:


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