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  1. Why not meet halfway? If you have a valid ticket loaded on the app, unblock the ride wait times. In other words, if Village has your $$ then they don't care if you see the wait times and bail.
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  2. I got all the way to the app store before i remembered theme parks in California aren't operating right now. #sadface
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  3. While you might be right in every aspect you're forgetting 1 thing. @cthulhus_lawyer put out his position on village initially and clearly nothing is going to change his mind so you're wrong. Also it would be interesting to see the % of park apps that let you see the ride queue times vs that don't (and specifically Knott's app). I would do it myself but I also don't care enough. Village app does all I want it to do and functions well on my (admittedly new and powerful) phone (Note20 Ultra).
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  4. I do love reading the arguments on here about why they Village roadshow should let us know how busy they are before we go so we can decide if we go or not, does everyone forget this is a Bussiness if they have 2 hour long lines and the park is full they don’t care their happy they did their job and got people into the park, we as consumers want no lines and an empty park which is not viable and then we’d have no parks to visit. I’m a fan of the virtual queue and relate it similar to Disney fast pass, you can line up for 1.5hours or get a fast pass time that maybe 6 hours away dependi
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