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  1. Still a bit of work to go before the area looks like its inspiration. 10 points for trying though.
  2. The great thing about forums is that we can all have a very sensible discussion like this. I still personally believe it doesn't need another ride right now, there should be other priorities. Sure, lets look at that in the future, but right now, in my opinion there are bigger issues to fry throughout the park. Going back to your Ocean idea DJ, for that reason I still wish they had have gone with the remote control boats in the old wipeout location that was exhibited on these forums, but I guess someone else thought what we got there instead was better?
  3. I never said it was a bragging right coaster. The question was made about how many full circuit coasters the park has, and I answered the question. Does it really need a water ride just because it’s called ocean parade? I mean, the general feel of the area and it’s attractions do a good enough job of conveying the ocean parade message (sure it’s not perfect but it’s better than Motorcoaster next to a young children’s area). Id personally prefer a different style of ocean parade (more retro beachside amusement park style) but the park has bigger issues than ocean parade.
  4. Yeah the sky needle is having apartments built around it now.
  5. I feel sorry for Craig Davidson and Bob Tan right now, they were a good duo!
  6. it's thinking like this that gets us a top spin at Sea World. Think bolder, think better.
  7. But would an upgrade to a falcons fury style of ride for GD be enough of an upgrade and worth the cost? I mean people like you and me would love it, but will it give enough bang for buck? Giant drop to some is terrifying as it is already.
  8. Well technically MDMC is full circuit, and it does coast after the launch. Same goes for Madagascar, sure it’s a family ride, but so is MDMC. Mick Doohans wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t give it the stigma that it is a thrill ride all those years ago. Cyclone has quite a few years left, a lot more than Arkham
  9. Because they were ordering a bulk amount of fence rakes, the price per fence rake went up one cent for every rake. Because that’s how bulk ordering goes..
  10. But Dreamworld does have 3 full circuit coasters. MDMC, Madagascar, Cyclone. 4 if you count Buzzsaw, and 5 if you count the new triple launch coaster..
  11. The thing people have to remember is that the issue with TRRR wasn’t what occurred during the ride course, it happened at the unload point of the vehicles. If any park is to say “look, this is why this is safe” and show the public, then it shouldn’t be an issue. When the LPS ghost train fire happened, it didn’t kill the prospect of further dark rides in Australia. People will move on, they just need the industry leaders to move on and show them there isn’t anything to worry about.
  12. Rainbows End in NZ have reopened, and has laid their plans out in black and white. Check it out - https://rainbowsend.co.nz/health-safety?fbclid=IwAR1ItGa3YymOAuzagVLADO__TNxUMQEwla70XOylclgCsBvvosJBci1M8r4#Saferiding
  13. Now this looks like a great lazy river. Doubt we will ever see it on our shores, but it certainly takes the idea to the next level!
  14. It’s not just the river but also the island itself. The whole area has become somewhat of a sanctuary and habitat for various wildlife. The river is full of water animals, eels, turtles, and ofcourse fish. The island I believe has birds and all sorts of creatures on it that call it their home. Dreamworld being a responsible wildlife conversationist group would be doing themselves a disservice if they flattened or developed that area, even if they had the “ok” to do it.
  15. The track is still there. What slick said is true. Ironic considering, but it is what it is. You can from what I understand use the water course, but in terms of massive construction or filling the river in, it’s a lot harder than what it may seem.
  16. One thing we do understand is that the final room of that ride is where the enclosure was for the Cougar Cubs (Inca & Sierra, which are still at the park today). After the rides run as a boat ride, the water course was boarded over, and it became a walk through before being removed for Nick Central.
  17. Welcome @Bikash Randhawa, it’s nice to see a civil side to you. Putting differences aside, it’s good to see a park rep join a discussion here. Hopefully you stick around and show more of this side. I think a lot of people will appreciate seeing the more human side of the COO. Maybe one day we could sit down for beers or something? 🤝
  18. Wet n Wild, correct me if I am wrong, but isn'[t its position n the Top 20 simply because of the limited amount of big water parks in the world? WhiteWater World trumps Wet n Wild two fold. Wet n Wild Sydney trumped WNWGC as well. The park is in some serious need of investment. The only benefit in my opinion that it has over WWW is the fact that the natural vegetation has grown around the park.
  19. I think it's a shame the previous discussion was removed, there were some great points about the situation and the response from our operators from the likes of @CaptainLazerGuns and others. I don't recall any unfound accusations being made in it, but even then, a decent public figure should be able to withstand a personal attack (ie calling someone a wanker), thats one of the things about being a public figure, not everyone is going to love you. You can't sue someone because they don't agree with what you say.
  20. Watching paint dry is more entertaining. Honestly we all thought HSD was bad when it replaced PASS, and now, its worse and gets worse with each iteration, to a point I wish the original show could come back.
  21. I said inspiration, didn’t say imagination! The concept of the type of show Water World is, open, grungy, bigger stunts is what im referring to. Just because mad max wasn’t the countries best film, doesn’t mean the show wouldn’t work. Again look at water world, it’s an incredible show, but the movie is utter trash.
  22. Look at Water World for inspiration. Mad Max seems perfectly suitable.
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