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  1. I agree with most of the suggestions here, particuarly getting rid of motocoaster best idea yet. I like the idea of a megalite, but Piraten was built in europe and cost 15 mill australian in europe. Correct me if I'm wrong but wouldn't intamin have to fabricate parts in Switzerland? And things always cost more to be shipped overseas, I noticed in Germany that BMW audis and Volkwagen are as common as commodores and falcons here. What would be the difference in sending an entire coaster? I hear that SE cost some thing like 22mill in the end. You can totally correct me if I'm wrong, just saying.
  2. This is a real shame for me I was planning to visit there, but obviously it's gone to the trash can with my US trip plans.
  3. Sorry by the time I realised I couldn't edit. For the record it's 100km an hour in 2 secs.
  4. Pictures, if the first one isn't working, try TT, they have it up in the Blue Fire Thread. I had trouble trying to post it here.
  5. ^^^^^^^ Say it did, would her friends have confessed to be indirectly resposible? This was just the case of a ride operator being alert, which is in no way bad. BTW just something off topic this is my 400th post
  6. lol, I would, but I'm busy posting on Towers times. But there are a huge amount of photos each update, like 50 come each one. So it's pretty hard to put them all on here or TT.
  7. I thought I had better update this- The coaster is going to be called blue fire, it is a Mack, and it looks like it could be one of the best ride EP has built. Its top speed is 10km an hour and is a LIM launch. Goes 40m up, and does 4 inversions (I think? Haven't talen the time to count them) Blue fire is going to be themed around Iceland, this will also be the new themed area. I tell ya, this is shaping up to be one hell of a ride. Here are pictures thanks to epfans, there are more construction pictures there. If you want a forum in English that will be following this a hell of a lot better than me, go to Towers Times. And I'll ask again whether a mod can change the title to Blue Fire? TowersTimes___View_topic___Europa_Park_2009__Blue_Fire.htm grafik.php.htm
  8. ^^^^^ It'll be being built just to the side of the cyclone entrance, closest to the wipeout.
  9. This looks great , I like the looks of the track in the background. Almost looks like a roller-coaster, sweet
  10. Sorry about the misread, BTW the coaster name has changed to "Terminator Salvation: The Coaster" If a mod could make the change it would be much appreciated. Here is the rcdb if you're too lazy to look it up This is expected to cost US 10 million, a price in MW's range
  11. That almost scraps my plans to go there, can someone who's been there tell me if that will make a huge difference to my experience at the park? But I think they're going maybe a bit far getting ride of trolleys, I mean this is a California adventure not a Disneyland duplicate. Trolleys are one of the most symbolic things about San Fran.
  12. Could be talking about both really. But the one I was talking about was WnW aussie world. But I am also looking forward to Adventure too.
  13. 40 pph is almost not worth the ride. I think Dreamworld could have better used any money it had on something like a playground in nickelodeon. Something which can have almost any number of people per hour.
  14. I like the look of this water park, with any luck it could be the best in Australia
  15. It sounds like a fun ride, But I only have one question, why does it cost extra on top of entry, if gate prices have just increased?
  16. Only problem with that idea is, what are the people who live in the houses next to the park going to think about the noise? Last time I heard they were a bit touchy when it came to theme park noise. Hence the wall on the right side of wild west falls. I still wouldn't mind seeing a woodie pop up there.
  17. Well the reason we think MW as being better than DW is because they keep adding new rides. I agree MW does seem to be okay at the moment, but I find it hard to believe SE is almost 3 years old. Now don't get me wrong SE is a great coaster, but I want too see MW keep it coming. Not wait for the coasters to become boring to everyone, then introduce upcharge attractions, and not take notice to the public demand.
  18. ^^^ I've seen parents being told not to slide with their toddlers before I don't know where you get that impression.
  19. My school went on a trip to MW when I was in year 7. We didn't use those sheets at all. The most educational thing we did was when we got to look behind the scenes at the Police academy stunt show. We also got to sit inside the batmobiles that MW uses in the parades. Pretty much all MW's rides have cost around the 13 million dollar mark. If they continue spending this much we could still see a small but thrilling floorless, who knows? I think that MW should be due for another coaster soon, because the longest they've gone without adding one is five years (Lethal Weapon-Road runner), so based on this I would say the next will come next year or the year after. Any longer and I would be start to be really worried about MW.
  20. I would be the last one complaining if a B&M were put in Australia, but I just don't see it happening for a long time. I personally think MW would have been better off getting a B&M inverted for lethal weapon, instead of the one they got (thanks vekoma...). If you look at places like parque warner Madrid, which on opening had a B&M floorless and inverted coaster. While there is a larger customer base in the Madrid area, surely Movieworld will have built up the fan base it needs to build a smooth looping coaster?
  21. Forgive me if this question is a bit stupid at this stage, but I can't really make the layout out from the construction pics. I know there's two launches, but I still can't really see what happens behind the Corkscrew.
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