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  1. You're right. It is very unclear on their site. In my opinion they should put it directly above the "buy now" button on the terror tour page.
  2. Well there's only been 3 of us post prior to your comments, so it was a fair assumption. What about a moral one? Or is it easier for you to take the view of 'share away' because your work NDA covers all the stuff you want to share? I got to the checkout and the payment processing timed out.
  3. All right, I'll bite, just because I'm curious to see the thought process here. So you're calling out myself, @xRazzBerryx, and @JaggedJanine as being the "same people" coming on here "all butthurt" etc. (potentially just myself and Janine, don't know enough about razzberry to know if they said anything in the past). So how exactly does not sharing information due to personal choices, then sharing our opinions that the information shouldn't be shared make us "all butthurt"? Are we not permitted to share a view contrary to your own?
  4. It's been discussed to death that the studios are out of action this year due to filming commitments as it was last time. Hence the need for the two new sheds last year. Every year without fail there's always one idiot who pops up on Parkz and claims they've been to an audition or their friend went and told them all the maze details etc. The problem (I assume) for Parkz then is that if they delete the post, they can be seen as confirming the information. If they let it sit there, the park may not be happy about information being posted (assuming for a minute that it's accurate) however, given the majority of long standing members on here know this years mazes and aren't saying anything one way or the other, means that this becomes idle speculation of some random kid who claims to know what's going on this week at one of the GC parks. It's quite possibly also a very easy test from the park to determine who can and can't be trusted. If someone posts information about something they saw behind the scenes, there's a good chance they can't be trusted not to reveal things if they got through the application process. Now some may not agree with me on this. Admins, I'm looking at you on this but, in my opinion, if you're back of house for any reason and you see something that isn't public information, at no point should it become public information unless specifically advised you are permitted to make it so.
  5. Not that it's anything exciting but literally nothing has changed.
  6. Realistic in the fact that the 15th of September is a date? Yes. Realistic in the fact that he's a reliable source of information? No.
  7. *This is flagged as a subscriber article so it may not work correctly for all unless you know how to bypass the paywall - regardless, the full article is below* http://www.couriermail.com.au/news/queensland/system-overhaul-after-dreamworld-disaster-could-see-older-amusement-rides-taken-out-of-action/news-story/a3ddaff6dffdf4bb02e4202b5e1875ab
  8. So after the discussions in this thread and some chats on and off forums, I took on everyone's feedback and decided that a new logo wouldn't hurt. It was made years ago and admittedly I have zero artistic talent and while that hasn't improved much at all, I did really like the logo that Ben designed and posted in here. So, with that said I want to say a public thank you to @Slick, @Gazza and the others off-forum who provided feedback and suggestions on this and this is what I plan to use going forward, which seems to look much better/more professional than the old one.
  9. DCRHC DC DCR DCHC Pinky DIRM - Does it really matter?
  10. @Richard - Not an issue as such, but when an admin splits a post into a new thread, that new thread, while being unread, doesn't show up in the 'unread content' section. Not sure if this is related to the upgrade or if it's just a general bug/"feature".
  11. Someone who almost had their media pass eaten by a cow
  12. I don't know how I missed this being posted before now. I love it. ------------------
  13. Warner Bros. Movie World Fright Nights returns every Friday and Saturday night this October. This year we’re turning up the heat with new mazes, more horrific scare precincts, live bands, horror film festival, the biggest offering of interactive scare performances ever and so much more. It seems they've been smart about it this year so I don't know if that's just from last year's site or not.
  14. Hollywood looks ok. Don't bother with spook. Did it last year and it's severely lacking in content. I mean sure it's a traveling ride literally on the back of a truck but I'd aim it maybe at 10-15yrs. If I wasn't so sick and sore I'd be going in tomorrow to do HH
  15. https://www.reddit.com/r/thingsthatdidnthappen/
  16. And you were the only one who saw it huh? And not one person other than you of course, thought maybe this is something worth reporting somewhere. No one, even you, thought that this should be reported to a media outlet, or posted on Facebook etc. And of course it happens at a time that not one single guest in the area had a phone or camera handy to get any evidence. Until you can back it up with some sort of proof or some kind of evidence of anything even remotely similar happening, please take your bullshit elsewhere.
  17. Also, does anyone else remember that time Movie World announced an unboxing of the new train as part of a live video?
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