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  1. Everyone watch ABC News 24 - QPS and Emergency services due to make a statement any minute now
  2. The direct tweet - still no CONFIRMED deaths. Let's hope it stays that way Dreamworld was closed at 3.45 announcing over loud speakers that police will take statements from anyone who saw anything. EDIT: Dreamworld confirm 3 dead
  3. I am very farmiliar with all of the media contracts for every park on the coast, or I would not have posted it and that is all I'll say, now stay on topic.
  4. I don't believe you should be speaking on behalf of dreamworld as you are not their media representative and clearly are breaching your contract
  5. I'm not going to suggest misconduct is what made this occur, in fact quite the opposite. Standing in the raft would not cause it to invert on that angle Reports they are contacting intamin to find out a possible cause - but it looks as if the unload section was occupied and the conveyor literally grabbed onto the raft and kept pushing it in, causing it to flip up and wedge inside I really feel for everyone involved, persons, operators and management. This is huge
  6. I was there yesterday and it was working all day
  7. I was thinking they would build the arms first in mid air and hold them up by cranes then gradually attach the centre pole in or something i do agree that this could be a centre pole or main support with the power box running up the side waiting for cables and the ladder, this could be covered by themeing though
  8. There's not always an issue of a rider with disability being thrown out of the ride.. If they are on the ride they won't fall out. Among that and other risks like further injury It could be as simple as the ride stopping in a position where they are unable to exit the car without risking their life, for example if buzzsaw was stopped upside down at the top.. Every disability is different and each would add risks to the emergency procedures as apposed to a healthy person or somebody who can independently sit upright Im sure there's a whole list of things they need to consider when approaching a decision and half the time it's precautionary.. I mean there's like a 1 in 1000 chance of somebody being stuck upside down on buzzsaw but if it did happen and it happened to be somoebody who was paralysed it would enhance the situation immensely I am sorry for the people in this video however I feel they are putting the blame on the wrong thing. Perhaps blame manufacturers for not creating wheelchair or disability friendly rides
  9. I wonder if The Lair will stay or go during the refurb.. It was only recently built wasn't it? (In the past 5 or so years) but I can't say ive ever seen much of a crowd there
  10. This is just an appreciation post for Levithian. You and me seem to be the only ones who picked up on that lol, much more better suited area for a large rollercoaster and logic shows dmh more than likely meant aos instead of paradise country (a lot of people just assume pc is the farm behind outback)
  11. I'm with Levithian as I also have done research and came to the double hammer ride after narrowing out many others. I never told anyone but it's interesting to know someone else came to that result aswell.. At least I'm not crazy There are numerous carnival rides in place at the Gold Coast theme parks, the difference being they are a more permanent structure which does improve the quality of the ride. I'd wanna go on this and I'm sure a lot of parents and kids would too. To me it almost looks better then the claw, shockwave, and tailspin at dreamworld so out of all flat rides in place at the parks over the recent years I think it's a good choice, that is if Levithian is correct (to which is concur)
  12. I don't want to derail the topic too much but the building was always there, I think the only extension was at the lift section of the dark ride You can see in the photo below the gremlins entrance is hidden behind the castle facade, I remember looking a while ago and could still see the orange and yellow backing wall http://www.parkz.com.au/photo/528-Scooby-Doo_Spooky_Coaster_Construction/gallery/sort/newest/category/construction/location/ride-248/offset/13 Ill have to head down soon and check out all this construction
  13. If my memory serves correct then yes, to stay on topic though I wonder if we will see the exit facade of Scooby Doo change for the new area/ride
  14. I'm not sure I haven't seen in that area but judging by layout of the ride I'd say the last drop in scooby Doo just before the exit station would be where that section of steel is in the photo you posted of gremlins I think the railing seen infront of the guy who took the photo is where the new steel wall was placed Looking closer that yellow wall looks pretty old, maybe that was the wall behind the cop cars and container which means the courtyard would still be there infront of that steel
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