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  1. While they were doing work there, having the planters plus all of the concrete in the front of the shop covered with white dust was not a great look. It's not a sign of long term decline like the other photos, but I felt that it represented the current attitude towards the park currently from VRTP. 5 Mins with a hose would have cleaned it all up.
  2. I visited Movie World a few days ago, and the physical condition was quite disappointing. But, to be honest all the other VRTP properties were just a bad.
  3. Not ride maintenance exactly, but worth mentioning that the Looney Tunes shop is getting rendered.
  4. I PM’d him, apparently he works with guest services. Sounded pretty legit to me. Very disappointing if so.
  5. No words at all. Heartbreaking loss of someone who has done so much for us theme park fans. RIP
  6. They have been floting around since May last year I think. Several people on here have seen them. As with all artists impressions however, they are never 100% what is built.
  7. By the look of the artist impressions, the Suspended Family Coaster will be the 450 model, the same as Dragonflier at Dollywood.
  8. From what I have heard its a refurb at the directive of Lego to keep it in line with the Lego store franchise.
  9. Please feel free to close this is that is the case, I did search for it but could not find it.
  10. What's everyone's thoughts on the replacement for Arkham Asylum? I would love a Vekoma Flying coaster personally, or a Vekoma Bermuda Blitz if they wanted a cheap model.
  11. What are peoples thoughts on a timeline for a replacement? With the current conditions, I doubt VRTP are going to be investing 20+ Million on anything for a while.
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