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  1. Boyden Hingston-Muir

    The Off Topic Topic

    Does anyone know the official story why the Viking's Revenge Flume Ride closed? I assume it somehow relates to the TRR incident and the modifications made to the ride during Storms construction. Insurance costs potentially? Also, is there a possibility this ride could be refurbished by someone like Intamin and resurrected? Or do you think it will be demolished? Sorry for asking a question that I'm sure has been asked many times on here, I just can't find the answer in my searches. Cheers.
  2. BREAKING NEWS - NEW Dragon's Revenge Swing Ride is LANDING SOON at Funfields. For those 100cm or taller this is a great ride for families! One of many exciting surprises coming to Funfields' new 'Mystic Kingdom' area this season.
  3. Boyden Hingston-Muir

    Ideas to fix WB Kids at Movie World

    While I agree Movie World needs more kids & family attractions, they need a more relevant IP to base them on. Something like Lego Movie, Sesame Street or Cartoon Network would be fantastic and give them good scope for a couple of good flats and a new dark ride.
  4. Boyden Hingston-Muir

    WNW - GC upgrade ideas

    They definitely need to spend big bucks in that area, but they really need a more relevant IP. Lego Movie, Sesame Streett or Cartoon Network would give them plenty of options for attractions and a huge draw for the family market.
  5. Boyden Hingston-Muir

    Ideas to fix WB Kids at Movie World

    What IP did you have in mind?
  6. Boyden Hingston-Muir

    The Off Topic Topic

    Note to self. Get up to date on the current happenings in the industry before commenting on parkz...
  7. Boyden Hingston-Muir

    The New Atlantis - Construction Updates

    I kinda expected Sea World to relocate the animals, but good to see them going. Super keen for Leviathan in 2020, will open just as the park comes into its 50th year of operation in 2021!
  8. Where did you hear this info? I always thought WNW Las Vegas prints money.
  9. WNW Las Vegas is still very much owned by VRTP!
  10. Boyden Hingston-Muir

    Volcano Bay - Electricity Pun Olympics

    That's positively revolting. Watt do the people in power at Universal think they're doing? I hope they get to short-circuit the appeals process to charge them with misconduct!
  11. Boyden Hingston-Muir

    Ardent Poaches New Dreamworld COO

    ARDENT Leisure has poached long-time Village Roadshow Theme Parks executive Greg Yong to lead Dreamworld as it continues to recover from the 2016 ride tragedy. Mr Yong, who was chief operating officer for Asia and executive general manager of theme parks for Village, has been appointed chief operating officer for Dreamworld & WhiteWater World. His predecessor Paul Callander has stepped into the newly-created role of chief strategy officer for Ardent Leisure Theme Park and Attractions. Mr Callander had also previously spent five years with Village Roadshow, beginning his career hauling popcorn and drinks to the nosebleed section of the Movie World Police Academy stunt show.
  12. Boyden Hingston-Muir

    The Off Topic Topic

    I'm gonna be that guy again. I was wondering if any folks here know what these buildings are used for? Given there proximity to the staff entrance and other offices, i figure the ones in the bottom right are admin or something of that nature. Also a courtyard there, is that front of back of house? Cheers.
  13. Boyden Hingston-Muir

    How to fix Dreamworld

    Dreamworld have bet everything on Sky Voyager. $18 Million could have got a solid new roller coaster that would gone head to head with MW's offerings. When the GP think of a simulator, there first thought is moving seats and a screen. That is not something that is going to be a park savoir. It could be a park killer.
  14. Boyden Hingston-Muir

    Sea World - New Ride 2020

    What exactly happened with Vikings? I'm assuming it was to do with TRR, but was there ever a public released reason for that ride closing? Could they get someone like Intamin to refurbish it?
  15. Boyden Hingston-Muir

    Sea World - New Ride 2020

    I had a hunt around but couldn't find any place this fits. If this has already been discussed, I apologize. It appears that Seaworld may have pushed its new ride back to 2020. Does anyone have any thoughts to what we might see? Large scale family ride? New Coaster?