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  1. Excited to get my first rides today - spent 4 hours in the park from 1pm to close and managed 6 rides on DC Rivals. Managed to get a seat in - Front row, row 6, row 8, row 10 and backwards x 2 Each had its own pros and cons. Nothing will beat that first ride though.. all I can say is OMG - I've only ridden at Six Flags Magic Mountain just prior to twisted collossus opening, and I think this coaster is up there with the best I have ridden! My first ride was in row 6, decent view, good airtime for the middle of the train I was surprised. Front row - incredible view of the twisted track and the feeling of the speed of this coaster! Row 10 - getting whipped over the top of the lift hill and into that incredible drop one of my favourite parts of the ride, some insane airtime over those last few hills and the non inverted loop really feels like your being thrown out of your seat. Backwards.. as everyone has said is something you just have to experience, it's completely different to riding this coaster forward and such a different experience from anything I have ever had before. The only downside to today was that I had to wait a long time for the backwards seats, was sold a time slot which at the time was more than an hour away, then I reached the front of the line they made me wait till the time came up - but were selling new backwards seats to the people behind me for an earlier time which meant they got to go on first. I'm not complaining (I know they are working this out) all I can assume must have happened is they decided to open new spaces in the earlier time slot as the coaster was running ahead of the expected time. It will be interesting to see what the final plan for purchasing these backwards seats will be. INCREDIBLE!!!! I can't wait to do it again!!!
  2. Currently running 1 train but seems to be going pretty smoothly. Decent wait times - I waited an hour in the single line starting at 1pm, main queue looks like it's about 45 mins.
  3. I am planning on getting down there today, looks like from the past few days midday to early afternoon might be the best time to head down?
  4. Was there this afternoon, did not see it running sadly, but getting excited about seeing it in action and getting on this ride! I saw a while ago adds for VIP magic pass members having early access potentially to this ride. Does anyone know if the unlimited pass holders will get the same?
  5. Elise Lenske

    DC Rivals HyperCoaster Announcement

    So exciting!! Although it does only look to be the rear 2 seats facing backwards. Might be waiting in a line for a while to test those seats out!
  6. Was at Movie World briefly yesterday (too many people there with school holidays) The area they have cleared and are working on is much bigger than I had imagined looking at the photos, and same with the supports. Very exciting to see what happens! There was also a large crane in the area over the swamp, where the containers are. Not sure if that is in preparation, or they are moving things around out the back in the lot.
  7. Elise Lenske

    Trip to LA - suggestions

    Hey guys, I am just planning a trip to the USA April/May. I have a tour booked but will have about 4-5 days prior to the tour to trip around and I obviously want to spend a few days at some parks. I am thinking at this stage of trying to do - Disneyland, Disneyland California Adventure and Six Flags Magic Mountain as this seems doable from LA and also has a good variety of rides. Is there anything else I really must do while over there? How difficult is it travelling between these parks and LA? Just trying to work out if I should hire a car while there or stick to public transport.
  8. I have to tend to agree, that bit at the top of batwing where it pushes you back down... it is not just falling... haha So for me it is probably Batwing
  9. Elise Lenske

    Sea World Storm Coaster construction 2013

    It is loud in that building, lots of wind and waves. I love the effort put into the line area.
  10. Elise Lenske

    Sea World Storm Coaster construction 2013

    Went in today and managed to get a ride! Waited for 45 mins in line, then got a call up for single rider and skipped the last section. Then a malfunction while waiting at the gates meant just over 60 mins and I was on. Themeing in the line area is fantastic - only thing I wasn't fussed on was how HOT it got in the shipping container while moving from the outside into the main building. I was surprised how smooth the coaster was, final drop was fantastic with a great big splash, was 2nd row on the right. No fire effects yet but heaps of water shooting up + the big area of pouring water on the right was great. Really enjoyed it and glad I went. In my opinion it is better than the bermuda triangle. Just a shame I didn't get a chance to go on a couple of times, but I will definitely be back!
  11. Elise Lenske

    Sea World Storm Coaster construction 2013

    Sounds great! I was thinking of heading along tomorrow to see if it might be open. Sounds like I might get a chance to ride!