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  1. When NSW hits 95% double vaxxed which is hardly the same situation. Most people did the right thing earlier and have and are seeing the benefit of that.
  2. Headed along yesterday for the reopening day and Halloscream event at night and was lucky enough to ride the 7 new attractions that were open (before Little Nipper broke while we were on it and Maintenance seemingly just gave up on it). It's a real shame they couldn't get Sledgehammer opened as I've seen videos with it testing whilst guests were on it, hopefully it's up ASAP because with it and Wild Mouse closed and Big Dipper not yet to open there isn't much on offer for even a moderate thrill-seeker. A number of the rides are individually presented well but there isn't much tying the new ar
  3. Looks like a good length maze with a great variety of effects should be a good event for anyone looking for a scare! Watching the performer without shoes on though was truly the most terrifying thing in there, she's gonna get her toes stepped on hundreds of times over the course of the event.
  4. Yeah I was on the ride when it went down, came into the station and the ride E-Stopped. From what we think based on what maintenance did to get us unstuck we think the gate sensor got shook out of placed and stopped the ride.
  5. Let's also not forget for some guests it's not physically easy for them to hold that perfect position while a restraint locks. I've got a close friend who hates stand-up coasters because he has a physical disability that makes it difficult for him to hold that dream position we're talking about with stand-up coasters. Let's be careful we aren't being ableist when saying how easy something is, or insulting people who can't do it.
  6. I hear there's a new family coaster opening up at Dreamworld soon!
  7. So it's looking like state borders to Queensland will be open right in time for the summer school holidays to start. It will be interesting to see where the crowds end up going. There's a lot of double-vaxxed NSW folk chomping at the bit to go on a holiday over summer and with Dreamworld having a big new coaster it would make sense for people to make that their go-to park of their trip.
  8. I thought Riddlers at Magic Mountain was a lot of fun, but yeah you have to get the restraint positioned right so theres that moment of worry in the station trying to stand in the right way when the restraint tightens. Thing is not everyone knows the best way to approach the restraints, especially if they aren't an Enthusiast and haven't read aboout/seen/ridden them before and know the best way.
  9. Yep, spot on the money. One is touting their expansion as “world class” yet will deliver something incredibly lackluster compared to the concept art for almost double the budget of LPS which is delivering theirs on time, on budget and exactly as suggested in the concept art. Yet as @Dom says most people here will still praise VRTP…
  10. Yeah I'm not gonna sit here and say that the area/logos/signage look spectacular but I don't think it was a lack of effort as much as a bad decision made by probably someone higher up without a creative bone in their body and carried out by someone with no power to change it. The fact to me that Volare fits well with the classic Boardwalk theming and was their most recent attraction before these seems to point to them thinking the Maloney's Corner area doesn't need thematic consistency with the turn of the Century Board Walk theming the rest of the park at least attempts to emulate.
  11. I haven't seen the finished package for all rides obviously, but they appear to be pretty spot on to the concept art in regards to "theming" if you want to call it that. Bug for example has what looked to be the painted flats behind and some 3D flowers etc sticking out. Even with the handful of attractions running today the one big thing the area has going for it is Kinetics, I almost feel they put too much focus on each attraction individually rather than trying to give an overarching "theme" to the area to tie everything together. From what I could see is it great? No. Is it crap? Also no.
  12. The rides out the back are as well presented as anything else that’s been in the space over the last 17 years since the 2004 reopening. Ultimately the park refers to itself as an amusement park not a theme park like the GC parks, and with the lack of space available I think most of us would agree for their unique situation managing to squeeze so many rides into the space is still an amazing achievement even if it unfortunately limited the theming opportunities. If LPS had the same space available as the GC parks, and called itself a theme park then yeah I’d be slamming it
  13. Unlike a certain other park, there's no max limits on the new rides. Adults can ride any of the new attractions and the fact all of them are open during Halloscream an event reccomended for 15+ shows they are happy for them to do so.
  14. Now that I can finally go that extra few kilometers outside the 5km bubble fromy my house to Luna Park Sydney, I popped in today to see the progress on all of the upcoming additions. Big Dipper has both trains on track and was finishing up the part of the queue that will take you over the first launch and into what can only be described as a scare maze looking lead up to the station. The front of the Big Dipper station was getting some thematic touches added too it, though it's a shame these appear to be incredibly flat compared to the building it's trying to continue
  15. I'm saying if one of the big reasons behind the delays is getting people into the country how did they start construction and why did the stalls happen before that current wave of lockdowns, if the people were here to start construction why were they sent home before this current wave hit?
  16. I was pointing out you saying they needed specific people the whole way through construction yet those people would have had to have been in the country constructing it last year and then sent back home when things stalled way before Covid hit.
  17. Steel Taipan was originally meant to open late 2020 and will open late 2021 so about a one year delay. Trident will open two years late and Leviathan one year and four months late... there's your facts only comparison. So they had them on-site last year in August when construction started and went vertical, then sent them back home stalling construction knowing that in a years time Covid would ramp up and they would delay the ride opening again? Very big brain of VRTP...
  18. Disney has pretty much wiped CV Wood from the records, seeing as this is the company that still pushes the Griffith Park narrative for why the park was created and has already shown how they are happy to slightly twist the truth in movies like Saving Mr Banks my guess is this will be very similar.
  19. Sadly Mystery Lodge has been closed since mid-2019. We went to go see it in August of the same year and it was closed with no reopening date. Then of course the Pandemic happened... They are currently using the space for a Knott's Scary Farm show so hopefully it will reopen after the spooky season, it really is a great unique offering for the park.
  20. Biggest issue we had last time at Magic Mountain was that around 1/2 of the rides were just closed without any advertisement of such on the website or even at the gates. Meant that even though on paper MM looked better, Knotts was a much better day as everything was open. Of course we went in a relatively quiet period, so could be completely different depending on when you intend to go.
  21. Raging Waters has also just announced it's reopening date and as expected it is much later than Luna Parks, opening up on December 18th just in time fo rthe Summer School Holidays. Will be interesting to see what happens with the price of a Season Pass as it will be a few months shorter of a season than usual.
  22. Getting to Magic Mountain can be a pain if you're in the Anaheim resort area thanks to the joys of LA traffic. Anytime I'm in California for Disneyland we always do a day over at Knotts, it's a great way to break up the trip. It's got some great rides, great entertainment and a really great atmosphere. If you have an extra day in the trip I would highly reccomend it.
  23. The name of the attraction at Movie World is officially now just "Justice League 3D - The Ride" so apparently not, or they don't mind the simplification of it years after opening. I highly doubt they insist it has "The Ride" in the title though unless they are also selling a 3D film to Theme Parks called that which I can't find any evidence of.
  24. Taipan was originally meant to open in "Late 2020" I believe so a years delay... Trident's delay is double that and Leviathan's will be about 30% longer (If they all open as currently advertised) It's hard to say it was mostly Covid when one attraction originally should have opened before Covid hit our shores, and the second a couple of weeks after businesses closed down in Queensland, hardly enough time to construct the ride.
  25. I'm sure the Leviathan blog can tell us more about the delays! https://themeparks.com.au/blog/leviathan-construction
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