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  1. Pyro

    Splash mountain retheme

    Songs of the South was a hit when it was released in 1946. Its racial overtones of the south provide a backdrop of slaves being content with the situation they lived in. In certain parts and writings of that time, a slave singing was considered proof that they were "content" with how they were treated. The film is full of offensive stereotypes and glorified the plantations of the south. The movie has TV airing but never realsied on home video in the USA and in the 1980's it was returned to the Disney vault because it was seen as for what it was. Walt Disney made the film in hope that it would shine some sort of light on the tales from that era but with out going into the horror, but totally missed the mark. Due to the current climate and how offensive that parts of the film are, that are omitted from the ride, they chose to make the changes, just like the selling the whores in POC.
  2. THE Gold Coast’s reliance on its embattled theme parks - which attract seven million visitors annually - mean they’re “too important to fail”, city tourism leaders say. Destination Gold Coast CEO Annaliese Battista called the Village Roadshow and Dreamworld parks “major drawcards” while State Tourism Shadow David Crisafulli said they were “simply too important to fail” yesterday. Mayor Tom Tate said as the city emerged from the coronavirus pandemic “it’s critical our theme parks are ready to put their best foot forward as visitors return. “We know what a drawcard they are for the Gold Coast and if funding ensures they can keep operating through this tough time, I hope it can be made available to them.” Their comments come after the sudden collapse of bridging loan negotiations – to get the parks through the coronavirus downturn – was revealed in the Bulletin yesterday. The loans would have delivered millions in funding support from the Federal Government. The decision – described as a “kick in the guts” by Queensland Tourism Minister Kate Jones – means eight-figure loans earmarked for Village Roadshow and Ardent Leisure’s Dreamworld have now been taken off the table. With both Village and Ardent bleeding up to $15 million and $10 million each month respectively, Ms Battista said: “As a major employer across tourism, hospitality and events, Gold Coast theme parks inject hundreds of millions of dollars annually into the economy. “They have a significant impact on the city’s economic wellbeing. Our destination messaging entices visitors to come and play on the Gold Coast and in our theme parks because there is nowhere else in Australia to go for this. “Theme parks are a major drawcard and our data shows they are one of the most loved activities that visitors indulge and splurge on.” She added seven million people visit them annually calling them “a must-visit iconic attraction for young families and high spending travellers”. Federal Tourism Minster Simon Birmingham rejected a suggestion the Morrison Government had turned its back on the theme parks, pointing to JobKeeper payments and taking a swipe at ongoing border blockades. SENATOR’S SCATHING LETTER OVER THEME PARKS But Mr Crisafulli said the parks were “simply too important to fail”. “Not just for those who work there but for an entire city that survives on the armies of visitors who make a beeline for the Coast because of them,” he said. “I would love to see extra assistance from the Federal Government and it might yet come in the form of an extended JobKeeper. The State Government has to realise the importance of their survival and must do whatever it takes to keep them alive. “We could start by allowing those tourists desperate to come across the border to provide the greatest form of assistance there is, a viable commercial offering.” Village CEO Clarke Kirby declined to comment but confirmed he was in “deep discussion” with State Government. Speaking to the Bulletin after the parks relaunch plan was announced earlier this month, chief operating officer Bikash Randhawa said the group’s struggle had far-reaching ramifications. “There’s a lot of small businesses that rely on us,” he said at the time. “(The closure) wasn’t just about the people directly employed by Village Roadshow, this is about the massive supply chain. “Local businesses, restaurants, accommodation were all eagerly waiting for us to open so they could start planning, because if the theme parks open and we do well, the city does well. “There are lots of people that feed off us being here. Realistically, there is no tourism without theme parks.” Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said the deal collapse was concerning, adding she believed theme parks were relying on Federal Government support: “We’ve put in State Government support. I understand the Minister for Tourism is speaking to her federal counterpart about these matters. “It’s a very serious issue and it comes down to hundreds of jobs. Hundreds are employed in theme parks, they play a very important role and we wouldn’t want to see those jobs put at risk.” The Bulletin asked Gold Coast Federal LNP MPs Moncrieff’s Angie Bell and Fadden’s Stuart Robert where they stood. Ms Bell’s spokesperson said to talk to Mr Birmingham’s office and Mr Robert’s office didn’t reply.
  3. If you going to call someone an Intellectual heavy hitter, spell your comical response correctly... *Government* When it comes to our knowing politicians and how bad they are at creating Tourism opportunities and treating the industry with contempt... I will run rings around you all day! Instead of trying to be funny, why not do something with your time and let us know your thoughts on the subject?
  4. Hey everyone, Im a firm believer that our theme parks, both Village Roadshow and Ardent will lead the way in the recovery of our Gold Coast tourism and event trade. The sheer fact they they are reopening will push consumer confidence that our Gold Coast is back open and running. The flow on effect from just the announcement last week has already had a positive impact, as seen by the avalanche of reopening announced for smaller tourism operators, hotels and traders in the last week. However, the Federal Government who seems to be on a hate campaign of the Performing Arts, Leisure and Amusement industry has taken off the table a loan that that parks needed to start to move forward. 3 months of negotiations pulled from the table just days before Seaworld is due to open. The parks employ over 7000 direct jobs across the major parks and indirectly contribute to another 50000 across South East Queensland, from Accommodation, Tourism and Trades. I don't normally do this but please, contact Federal Tourism Minister Simon Birmingham on the below email and let him know that the federal government needs to step up and do everything they can to not only help our parks but save our Tourism, Hospitality and Events industry on the Gold Coast. The only way these muppets start to listen is to bombard there office with emails and calls. Im sure that the State Government, Parks and Destination Gold Coast are already doing the same, so the parks you all love/ love to hate, need our help. Let the muppets know your thoughts on the contacts below. Email: Phone: 02 6277 7420 Post: Office of Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment Simon Birmingham Parliament House Canberra ACT 2600
  5. Pyro

    COVID-19 & Theme Park Closures For anyone that is interested
  6. Pyro

    COVID-19 & Theme Park Closures

    They had to make the most noise. Its very simple. With out a major park up and running tourism has no confidence to move forward. VRTP parks will play a vital role in shaping the recovery now. Destination Gold Coast know this, the City Council knows this, State Government knows this and federal government. It was not by coincidence that Amusement Parks were apart of the major restriction rollbacks flagged back in April. Same as major sports, its all about consumer confidence and cashflow. No consumer confidence, no cash flow, no parks, no tourism and that shit flows downhil to the rest of the economy. They have done the best job they can with the hand we all got dealt in the last 3 months and good on them!
  7. Pyro

    COVID-19 & Theme Park Closures

    ASM Global has been working with the NRL and Stadiums Queensland with their Venue Shield program to get capacity back in the stadiums. Its currently being sorted and you can expect and announcement in the next 10 days. AFL has also submitted to get Merticon and the Gabba with 25% capacity. It was supposed to be pushed for this weekend, buy the AFL held back for round 4. I have worked the last 2 rounds at Suncorp Stadium and what is happening behind the scenes is nothing short of time consuming and rigorous. This is why the Theme parks are taking so long to reopen, everything s being triple checked and the paperwork is something brand new to everyone.
  8. Pyro

    COVID-19 & Theme Park Closures

    The whole basis of the ad is to show that they are ready to welcome you back, the tone of his voice, the delivery appeals to the family market who are ready to travel and holiday again. The way its delivered is not in your face, or loud, its a strong but calming voice that is subconsciously telling the market that its all going to be Ok when you come back to the GC and the parks. The shot of him on the roller-coaster with the iconic Surfers Paradise Skyline in the background is clever and used perfectly to let people know that you can come to the GC, do the parks and holiday with plenty of things to do. The beach and water can be seen and that is the Gold Coast major appeal. Take a look at the Destination Gold Coast Video, Gold Coast Airports upcoming campaign, they are all being done the same way and working. If your a brand that wont use an opportunity like this to start pushing a "face" of a theme park, one with history that can be leveraged and a family man, then you need to sack your brand manager. Right now people need gentle reassurance, and this did this in spades. Analyse the video for who its marketed to, family with kids. Not theme park fanatics like us. Its a great video and will capture the market its directed at.
  9. Pyro

    Ardent Leisure share price drops

    Its sad that you enjoying seeing a major tourism sector employer going down like this. Right now over 85000 people have been put out of work in creative industry, Tourism is yet to get thier final figure, but that will be in the half a million range in the coming weeks. I don't care that you hate Dreamworld, but I do care that your enjoying the fact the a lot of people will be out of work that feeds their family. Grow up!
  10. Pyro

    Park after Dark: Illusions

    In less than 48-hours over $47 million worth of lost income has been reported by small-to-medium businesses and independent contractors who have had jobs cancelled across the creative industries, and this number is only set to grow. 10,000 gigs cancelled 84,000 people impacted and growing quicly.... not a convenient excuse... its the truth Data collated from Australian Festival Association for reference.
  11. Pyro

    Park after Dark: Illusions

    This cancellation is purely based on Caronavirus. Compare this to every other event that has had poor ticket sales in the last month and cancellations. With almost 100% of all major events across the country now cancelled or about to cancel, this is a safe bet as to the reason. The last one 12 months ago had great ticket sales, so did Winterfest and Happy Halloween. I do believe when they first announcedIllusions, they did have good ticket sales for the first few days until the news cycle aped up with the Caronavirus details. This virus has killed the events and arts industry already in the last 72 hrs.
  12. Pyro

    HK DL Castle Construction

    Yep, Sorry, Mystic Manor
  13. Pyro

    HK DL Castle Construction

    I actually really liked HK Disney. Yes its small, but as a day trip it was very nice. Phantom Manor is hands down the best dark ride I have ever been on
  14. Pyro

    Sea World Carnivale 2020

    On Australia Day, the Gold Coast Spit is alcohol free. So they setup a roadblock just north of the Sea World entrance. Its in place from 6am to 730pm as they check every car as it enters. They also set up an RBT out the front of Main Beach Water Police. Estimated times is between 1hr and 2hrs depending on the time of the day to travel from main beach to the roadblock. There is also 15000 people at Broadwater Parklands for the Australia Day Celebrations and every boat ramp is full. Its a down day for all the traders along this stretch as most people tend to stay away unless going into the spit. Last year the overflow car park had about 20 cars in it all day. The Spit is closed but does not stop people going up, as per previous years! Its a shit fight and they are expecting it to be worst this year as the public holiday is on the day after.
  15. Pyro

    Sea World Carnivale 2020

    Because it takes about 2hrs to get from main Beach into the spit on that weekend. There is a huge police operation overlay from the GC Highway up to Seaworld Resort. Happens every year, You do not want the extra traffic problems.