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  1. Pyro

    Dreamworld November Update 2019

    This weekend at Dreamworld with Jetpacks in the pool!
  2. Pyro

    Dreamworld's Spooky Happy Halloween Nights

    Just a few images from Happy Halloween!
  3. Pyro

    Dreamworld's Spooky Happy Halloween Nights

    Its an inflatable, The fan is controlled to add more or less air to make it move.
  4. Pyro

    Dreamworld October Update 2019

    Last bits of the Wipeout started to be removed overnight.
  5. MEDIA RELEASE: Tuesday 27 August 2019 _______________________________________________________________ AALARA refutes reports of ride safety concerns at the Royal Adelaide Show The Australian Amusement, Leisure and Recreation Association (AALARA) refutes recent media reports of safety concerns described by SafeWork SA surrounding four rides excluded from the Royal Adelaide Show, due to the lack of double locks on their safety harnesses. AALARA President Shane McGrath says safety is of the utmost importance to the industry and these false reports are damaging to operators and the industry. “These Class 5 rides do have primary and secondary double locking mechanisms installed and operating. They do not pose a public safety risk, said McGrath. “The ride manufacturer has 400 of these devices operating successfully in Australia and the rest of the world without incident over the past 11 years. Unfortunately the Restraint Clause which has led to improvement notices in the Australian Standard for Amusement Devices is not as prescriptive as it could be. “At present AALARA is in the process of having the relevant Clause reviewed in an effort to ensure future misinterpretations of the clause do not occur and SafeWork SA can remain aligned with the rest of Australian and the global amusement industry. AALARA advocates for globally harmonised amusement ride safety standards to ensure Australia’s rides are manufactured, operated and maintained to the highest standards worldwide. MEDIA CONTACT KRISTY AHRENS AALARA General Manager 0414 166 202
  6. Pyro

    Sky Voyager Discussion

    Unless you get it direct from eBay from the manufacture right?
  7. Pyro

    Sky Voyager Discussion

    Ask them about rewiring an entire attraction... like I said, goal post kept being moved unnecessarily by the regulator
  8. Pyro

    Sky Voyager Discussion

    @Skeeta no worries champ!
  9. Pyro

    Sky Voyager Discussion

    What Im talking about are sensor backups that already have fail safe and are not required. Additional extras that the government add for no reason other than adding them. That's why these thing stake so long because the government keep moving goal posts.
  10. Pyro

    Sky Voyager Discussion

    I'm talking about the ones that are not useful and change the whole original safe design. When you add useless parts by a regulator that are not required, to a mechanical device, you actually change the manufactures original design and make it more unsafe. More foreign parts make it easier for breakdowns an malfunctions. But instead of getting some knowledge you went for the cheap burn... well done
  11. Pyro

    Sky Voyager Discussion

    MORE than nine months after its completion, Dreamworld’s Sky Voyager has been deemed safe enough to open to the public. However, the theme park is yet to reveal a launch date for the multi million-dollar gondola ride, which will still need some adjustments to its safety controls to meet the terms of its conditional design registration. “Workplace Health and Safety Queensland has now issued conditional design registration for the SkyVoyager, which means it has been deemed safe to operate with additional safety controls,” a statement from the department said. “Sky Voyager is now able to enter service. “As part of the conditional registration, further enhancements to controls are required. MORE IN BUSINESS Eye-watering price for pile of rubble Eye-watering price for pile of rubble More uni students cut luxuries to save money More uni students cut luxuries to save money “WHSQ will continue to work with Dreamworld as it implements these enhancements which will enable permanent design registration.” Dreamworld's Sky Voyager is complete and undergoing final commissioning work ahead of its public launch. Photo: Supplied SUBSCRIBE TO THE BULLETIN: $5 A MONTH FOR THE FIRST THREE MONTHS New laws around the registration and operation of amusement rides, forged in the wake of the 2016 Dreamworld tragedy, came into force in May. The Sky Voyager had represented a key part of the theme park’s turnaround plan, along with an injection of funds from parent group Ardent Leisure, which secured a $225 million refinance deal, to allow the park to make two major announcements before the end of the year. Advertisements for the ride began appearing on bus shelter around the city this week. FROM OUR PARTNERS Binge the complete season of critically acclaimed drama Lambs of God. Only on Foxtel Find out more WHSQ have declined to answer questions about what specific aspects of the ride caused the delay in registration. Dreamworld has been contacted for details of the ride’s safety and registration process as well as its launch date. The park revealed in May that staff had taken their first rides on the Sky Voyager, which was initially promoted in full-size bus advertisements for a Christmas 2018 launch. An artist’s impression of Dreamworld's Sky Voyager. Three sets of school holidays have passed since, without a hint of the ride opening. CEO John Osborne said in May the December 2018, set by previous management, had been “ambitious”. The delay has weighed heavily on the bottom line of Ardent Leisure, which logged a $21.8 million loss for the first six months of last financial year. It is expected to report its full-year results for FY19 by the end of next week and has not released a profit guidance. Additional controls sounds like useless sensors, extra manifolds and redundant fail safes. Government at its best!
  12. Pyro

    Sky Voyager Discussion

    Actually, what you will find is that parts that are certified overseas are not compliant to AU/NZ standards. Now this dosn't mean its unsafe or dosnt work, it means that the part hasnt been tested and approved by an Australian regulator. It happens in the gas industry where parts haven't been tested to the AGA standard and cant be used. Someone like Bunnings and there supply chain get the overseas parts tested to conform to the AGA standard because they will sell 1000's of the unit at a time. However a ride like this may have a part that has never been used in Australia and will never be used again for any other purpose, So when a part that is EU Certified arrives in Australia that is not wildly use, it need to have an Australian approved part to replace it. This often cant happen because there is no AU/NZ part that can do the job or the certifier cant do the test for months. Now apply that across the board to an overseas ride that arrives in Australia with 10,000 moving parts, valves, hose, hydraulics. Each part has to meet the Australian Standard and also be certified. Its the certification issue that takes so long because our backwards regulators dose not have a prior certification recognition system in place that will allow tested and often superior parts from overseas. This is not just happening to Dreamworld but across the whole amusement industry, its harder to get things certified with much longer lead times and the introductions of the new rules. Also it would not just be WHS involved, it will have several government agency who will require different requirements and from experience they will change the goal post with out notice.
  13. Pyro

    Doomsday Destroyer - reviews and feedback

    There was Fireworks and Flames for the launch of the Doomsday area two Saturdays ago. Not sure if it was logged on the gov website as they tend not to update the list well.