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  1. Probably so when shows are on and everyone is flooded into the narrow Main Street, people can view the show from other angles and positions. Its worth it considering they have a live feed of the shows.
  2. And how is MERS impacting the tourism industry, it isn’t because it’s not covered by the media so no one gives a shit.
  3. Coronavirus will die out sooner than later anyway, just like other influenzas in the past.
  4. Credit to au_dreamworld_fan on Instagram, check him out
  5. The inside of Gamesite has been repainted, the Kung Fu Panda land entrance has been repainted. The containers in the car park are gone now meaning the parts have been shipped away. The seating connected to Grid Burgers has been removed as well as the replica train out the front of Central station. The Main Street facades are being repainted. Work is yet to start on the Pipeline Plunge but the bucket has been removed from the top of the structure.
  6. That was a shit segment. And they’ve said that the new roller coaster is replacing the Log Ride, which is so false. https://www.facebook.com/840702249361798/posts/2694662173965787/?vh=e&d=n
  7. Forgot to post that the log ride has been taken off in-park maps.
  8. I don’t see in anyway how management in general are cost cutting? All thrill rides are open from 10-5 apart from HWSW. All family rides are the same except the log ride of course. Considering previously only half of the thrill rides would be open from 11-4, I would argue cost cutting isn’t happening across the park.
  9. The store is busy and viable, but I agree it needs to be relocated or removed.
  10. Not that this should be a surprise to anyone but the containers don’t contain coaster parts. Who would have thought the coaster parts wouldn’t arrive in two containers before any ground work had been undertaken.
  11. According to the GCB, the new coaster is 30 million AUD. Intimidator 305 cost roughly 37 million AUD using today’s conversion.
  12. I know this may be a generic answer, but I feel the next thrill ride needs to be BIG. The Tower of Terror is IMO the biggest attraction and draw card Australian theme parks have ever had. On this, it’s great to invest in gap fillers and small draw cards but I think to really bounce back, a BIG ride is needed, something that truely is ground breaking. An Intimidator 305 or something similar would be my pick. Big cost associated with it but considering the cost of the blue fire clone, it’s really not too far off that price point. This would really give Dreamworld’s skyline a WOW factor and be an attraction that would genuinely draw locals and tourists back to Dreamworld. It’d also make Dreamworld the thrill capital of Australia again. The big thrills worked well for Dreamworld in the past, so I think that’s what I want to see moving forward.
  13. So after we have the new rollercoaster open, what would you think would be best fit for the park?
  14. Just a quick one Just posted- Looks like concerns may be addressed
  15. Everyone is pissed off on the op because the donations are going to Red Cross.
  16. To raise money for the bushfires. 5 bucks for a snag and money goes to the Red Cross relief effort.
  17. Credit to rcdb.com This has appeared at Aussie World
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