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  1. There was a recent story on why film release dates were pushed back in australia (here is the story for anybody willing to read it: https://www.news.com.au/entertainment/movies/upcoming-movies/why-film-releases-can-sometimes-be-delayed-in-australia/news-story/4d0313f402ea17acfd225d622bf792f0). Apparently there has been some improvement and even sometimes we get a film release earlier than the US does (e.g. Thor Ragnarok, Johnny English 3 etc), guess it depends on the film and the distributor
  2. Wouldn't the Lego Movie make sense as a choice for a family ride Successful franchise with 3 movies already and 2 on the way in 2019 It's an Australian produced and made movie (Village only produced the first one though, Animal Logic animated all existing and upcoming movies and produced them since the The Lego Batman Movie) Good for a more family focused ride than one mainly just for either kids or thrillseekers, movie world has a good variety but still lately they have been opening new rides aimed at thrillseekers and maybe they should go for a more mild-moderate thrill ride for families I feel like a motion simulator would work best but I don't know, only type of ride I could think of at the top of my head looking at what @Boyden Hingston-Muir said, a mack suspended dark ride would work well, especially with the relationship VRTP has with mack, maybe get mack to do a collabrative effort with Sally for animatronics
  3. If movie world got the rights they should have done American Horror Story and do it on either all 8 seasons (highlight scenes) or just on this current season, this was the ultimate missed opportunity as Universal has stopped having the AHS mazes
  4. I wonder why these rides are up for sale, while its likely the operators aren't making a profit anymore I am surprised a ride as new as Avenger (debuted in 2015 I think ) would go up for sale, I am upset that Skywalker is going up for sale as it is a favourite of mine but hopefully it will find new owners in Australia
  5. I think that is the entire forum
  6. So basically the gc theme parks are the most ironic ones in the world
  7. Sorry to burst your bubble but IMAX Melbourne is entirely digital now, uses IMAX Laser projectors instead but I heard it is still pretty good, last time I heard that the 15/70 projectors were used were for Dunkirk
  8. fair point, mazes like Zombie Apocalypse, Psycho 3D and Hillbilly Slasher seemed to be pretty good, I would like to see another film vault like maze with the addition of recent horror movie villains like Pennywise, The Nun and Annabelle, i wonder though if movie world would do the same they did in 2012 in terms of maze design and theming, (minimal, strobes, smoke) or do something similar to the travelling Hollywood Horrors maze where there's a set to each villain.
  9. I kept thinking of other maze IPs for MW to use Legion-the show has a strong mix of genres and it seems to use psychological horror a lot, some truly unsettling stuff in the series. Stranger Things-Mainly cause Universal announced it as a maze It- cause it was a popular speculation choice from last year The New Mutants- While it got delayed to 2019, could still easily make a great maze if done right without any spoilers The Predator- Could also be done in a precinct situation, just imagine getting stalked and hunted by the predator
  10. "too confronting" for Asian tourists. The Japanese haunted houses make Draculas look too tame. granted not all Asian tourists have experienced Japanese haunted houses before. I think this is really pressure from families to make all the attractions "family friendly" so they want any form of attraction that has one unsettling thing in it to be removed and replaced with a "hip, phone/social media" centric style in the main tourist areas (Cavil Av, Surfers Blvd), I am probably wrong cause I don't have children but I think that families should have more common sense about where they take young children around these attraction areas, other people enjoy these attractions too
  11. Maybe Ardent should create or invest in something like Timezone as for example in Surfers Paradise there is Bowling, laser tag and dodgems along with the arcade games, VR could also be added as I've seen VR stuff in Japanese arcades and they look insane
  12. I knew that, The Simpsons RIde uses IMAX dome screens along with a Sony projector
  13. I would like to see something similar to The Simpsons Ride at Universal, but I don't know if Ardent can afford IMAX screens for the attraction, theming wise I would like to see Star Trek used as it is kind of an underused property and with Star Trek Discovery out and the recent movies it would be a good time to capitalize on this IP
  14. Look at the Queues for Test Track, Mission Breakout, Flight of Passage, Haunted Mansion, TZTOT and Star Tours as examples of the best queues in theme parks
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