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  1. I'd consider myself more 'general public' than enthusiast these days. We (myself, husband, 12yo, 9 yo) went from about 2pm til closing yesterday. We had not previously been to any superheroes and super villains events. - Kids liked the Dew fountain ^^ - 9 year old doesn't like thrill rides or dark rides (has some sensory issues), so won't do anything other than Road Runner Coaster - very little to do for that 'older child' age. She thought the parade was underwhelming and wanted to see the heroes fighting the villains. - 12 year old did WWF, Green Lantern (at dusk),
  2. Has anyone here tried Pixar Putt Putt, currently at King George Square? I was thinking about it until I found out it was $120 for 2 adults and 2 kids, which seems exorbitant, particularly when compared to an annual park pass.
  3. For anyone wanting some amazing memorabilia: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-05-05/hollywood-animatronics-up-for-grabs-made-redundant-by-cgi/11080278?smid=Page: ABC News-Facebook_Organic&WT.tsrc=Facebook_Organic&sf212156908=1&fbclid=IwAR1tt4A2N4ZUpK9-uFZVauBuNfr-3qpaTylghJow9aTxHprtb6hLPmlMbLY
  4. I remember filming Serpent Slayer, but have no idea what happened to my parents camcorder.
  5. So disappointed they didn't restore it, my family always stop in for a ride on the carousel whenever we stay in Broadbeach.
  6. Literally, the only thing I'm giving Dreamworld a nod to is actually announcing the ride's closure, rather than going into months/years of maintenance/SBNO. Ironically, the only time I've wanted a shaded structure in that area was to watch people on Wipeout.
  7. That's hardly fair, I don't think I'm the only person that's a bit disillusioned with the direction of Dreamworld in recent years.
  8. Even for $80 I'm not looking at renewing, the family has been bored of DW for the last 6 months.
  9. I'm assuming it's not going to open before this current season passes expire?
  10. I'm far more likely to have a panic attack than her haha. It is what it is, we probably won't be back til after she's 10 anyway, was just pondering on their reasoning, as like the previous poster said, they couldn't rely on public honesty for safety reasons.
  11. We went to Dreamworld on Sunday, and notice they've put an age limit on Giant Drop. Now only for riders over 10. My 9-year-old, who has been riding it since she was 8, was wildly unimpressed. Any ideas as to why they might have done this?
  12. The only park publicity I can recall seeing in the last week is the Dreamworld tiger cubs, and bus and moving billboard ads built on a campaign that had something to do with emojis.
  13. This is the first year in about 10 years I haven't stayed down the coast for Easter. As we tend to stay in Broadbeach and get around by foot, the crows weren't the concern, it was the prohibitive cost of accommodation. I know plenty of families that got tickets for events, but none actually chose to stay down there because of the cost - the park and ride being the most popular form of travel, followed by various combinations of train/bus/shuttle, of which I've heard mixed reviews. If we're staying down the coast, we typically would go a cheapish takeaway option for lunch, and also buy
  14. The tragedy of this aside, it's really bad timing for Dreamworld to have this back in the media in the run up to the Commonwealth Games, and will probably really impact on potential tourist visitors.
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