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  1. As a parent of kids that were little in the not so distant past, it truly is underwhelming. I've said many times that Dreamworld needs to go for the family market, but I think the lower/middle primary school age bracket is probably better to target than the under 3s. ETA: I was stuck holding the bags, but the Wipeout got a big thumbs up from both my husband and 9-year-old daughter. My only suggestion would be a bit of shade over the viewing platform.
  2. I'm a Dreamworld fan, but didn't really disagree with anything, it is what it is. Wipeout - yes it's working, but still nothing particularly positive to say about it. Ferris Wheel - admittedly lame, not really anything else you can say about it. Logride - still waiting, questionable looking logs - all true. But, there are still tigers!
  3. Negative, negative, negative.... hey look over there, tigers!
  4. Top 10 coasters you rode in 2017

    The ONLY coaster I rode this year was Hot Wheels.
  5. I assume so? Wiggles World - self-explanatory to be boring for someone out of preschool. Kids WB zone at Movieworld - much the same (except maybe Road Runner Coaster), but more problematic, as the only other choices are Scooby (currently unthemed), and Wild West, which is admittedly awesome, but just one ride.
  6. I was there yesterday, it was the first time in an age that there have been 30 min + queues for rides. I still think they need to keep a point of difference from their friends across the highway and focus on quality family/older kid rides, as they nowhere near competing with Movie Worlds coaster offerings right now. My 9 year old has done most of the Big 9 now, but isn't tall enough for all of MWs coasters yet. She's loving DW right now, as is her 6 year old sister who isn't up for the thrill rides yet, but very satisfied with the Dreamworks area (but also past Wiggles/ Kids WB).
  7. Dreamworld - 2017 "exciting" "experiences"

    I made my first trip to Dreamworld in a couple of years over the weekend. It was a family trip, I didn't have my "enthusiast" goggles on. I went with my 9-year-old daughter, who met the height for everything, and my 6-year-old daughter, with a slightly more limited height, but past ABC Kids stage. We hadn't been to any parks in the last 12 months, and prior to that had passes to MW/SW/WW. We only wanted to go for a couple of hours, so we mainly just hung out in the Dreamworks area and Ocean Parade. Construction and closures aside, I think as a whole, the place looks a lot fresher than it used to. As criticised as it gets, there is WAY more for my family to do at Dreamworld than Movie World. In the short time we were there, the kids went on most of the Dreamworks rides, the eldest loved being big enough to ride the motorbike on motor coaster (younger could go sidecar), and eldest was allowed to pick 2 thrill rides and went for Shockwave and Claw. (The tickets were a gift to my younger daughter, so she was in charge of planning activities for this particular visit). At MovieWorld, the oldest could only do Wild West and Scooby (didn't like any of the WB Kids rides), and even my youngest wasn't sold on the WB Kids rides. I know they can't compete with the thrills across the road, so I really think they need to promote the 'family fun' element. My kids can't wait to go back. On the safety issue - the extra strap on Shockwave seemed to slow down the loading process, but the line was short enough it wasn't too much of an issue. The extra chest strap on Puss in Boots Swing seemed overly excessive to me, and I thought it looked more dangerous than it was worth, it was nearly sitting on my younger child's neck, rather than across her chest.
  8. Dreamworld - 2017 "exciting" "experiences"

    Do Dreamworld have a typical schedule for releasing the Season Passes on sale? I know they were around $70 for adults during the ABC Kids promotion (I think?), but they've gone back up to $99 again. Which, yes I know is great value, but why not save $90 if I can - we need 4.
  9. It looks quite a bit like Tops.
  10. Movie World New Park Map

    It makes the park look a bit much like shed world.
  11. Are coaster enthusiasts being frowned upon?

    I'm just a low-grade enthusiast. I love the parks, and the rides, and by just hanging around here, feel like I'm slightly more in-the-know , but I don't really care for the technical specifications at all. There's other interest groups I'd spend similar amounts of time looking at, relating to beauty, or renovations, or music, etc.
  12. Ekka 2017

    I think the new logo looks great, good choice.
  13. Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2017

    Are they planning on removing Blue Lagoon and Mine Ride while they're at it?
  14. I think Dreamworld are currently beyond competing with MW for thrills, and would definitely benefit from focusing on family rides and attractions.
  15. Marathon on Coasters?

    Wow, my 6 turns on the old Sea World Pirate Ship, and 8 consecutive turns on Batman Adventure: The Ride are sounding pretty lame now.