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  1. Are coaster enthusiasts being frowned upon?

    I'm just a low-grade enthusiast. I love the parks, and the rides, and by just hanging around here, feel like I'm slightly more in-the-know , but I don't really care for the technical specifications at all. There's other interest groups I'd spend similar amounts of time looking at, relating to beauty, or renovations, or music, etc.
  2. Ekka 2017

    I think the new logo looks great, good choice.
  3. Theme Park Maintenance Schedules 2017

    Are they planning on removing Blue Lagoon and Mine Ride while they're at it?
  4. I think Dreamworld are currently beyond competing with MW for thrills, and would definitely benefit from focusing on family rides and attractions.
  5. Marathon on Coasters?

    Wow, my 6 turns on the old Sea World Pirate Ship, and 8 consecutive turns on Batman Adventure: The Ride are sounding pretty lame now.
  6. Effect or Audio Errors on Rides

    Best/worst one I've witnessed was when Looney Tunes River Ride was in its first year, and the waterfall didn't stop, and the whole boat of people got drenched.
  7. This wasn't directed at me, but I'll throw in my 2c. I also only went once to Dreamworld as a kid, also in 1988. I didn't go back again until my late teens/early 20s. It had that 'magical' feeling, because back then it was only a once-or-twice in a childhood place to go typically. We started buying annual passes when my kids were pre-school/toddler age, and they spent a couple of years going every few weeks. To them, it was the equivalent of a slightly-more-fun-than-usual playground.
  8. Traveling fairs!

    "Kyle & Jackie O's Haunted House" - that sounds terrifying.
  9. Tower of Terror 2 - Slow Launch

    I got to experience this on original ToT as well.
  10. 'Affinity' Animal Rights Protest

    My exhausted brain just misinterpreted the sign as "Just Ice for Captives".
  11. The Off Topic Topic

    My 8-year-old was watching H20: Just Add Water on Netflix, and the particular episode featured quite a bit of Sea World - she called me in to show me "how cool Sea World used to be". This particular scene was showing Bermuda Triangle in operation (just externally at the final drop).
  12. "Dreamworld is punishment"

    I once threatened to make my 7-year-old ride the Big Red Car ride as punishment, does that count?
  13. I love the ride experience of Wipeout, and The Claw makes me nauseous, but I think it's the most thrilling of the flat rides I've been on. I haven't ridden either Doomsday or Surfrider. I'm going to give my vote to Wipeout.
  14. While I think Dreamworld would have some impact on attendance, I don't think it's the sole contributor. We currently don't have tickets mostly due to there being limited options that our whole family would enjoy - the kids are past kiddie rides, but not tall enough for most of the big coasters and thrill rides. Also, just general cost of living has made annual tickets something of a luxury - and while I agree they're great value, it's not really a priority of spending right now. ETA: I kind of skipped the main point - yes I think the media is not helping.