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Melbourne Show Rebel Coaster Incident

Dean Barnett

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Found this news via my normal source (A Simpsons Shitposting group) but it's not the first rodeo for the woman involved.

Last year she flipped a stolen car on the Ring Road under the influence of meth.

Terrible that it happened regardless.





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There is a video of the incident. Its horrible and clear this is not an operator fault. 
And even a fence you can climb if it’s head height like this then stuff that, its not negligent. 

Something isnt right about this, it almost looked intentional to be honest. Sad for everyone involved. 

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MOD: Strongly suggest people do not watch this video, not just normal amount of disturbing, could really mess someone up that is prepared.

WARNING before clicking the link. Quite graphic. https://vidmax.com/video/215144-young-woman-gets-run-over-by-rollercoaster-in-melbourne-leaving-her-fighting-for-her-life 

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