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Mystery Six Flags Coaster

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Now before you all go getting huffed about a new coaster coming to the Six.. this is actually a defunct derelict coaster. I want to try and figure out where it comes from. There was a TV show on last night on the Discovery Channel called Junkyard Wars. The show stars both American and British people, but i'm pretty sure its based in America. Basic description of the show, they're given a Junkyard and a task, and they have to build something to do the task from crap in a junkheap. This episode last night, the guys needed to build a boat. the teams couldn't really find anything to suit, but one of the teams, (the blue team) came across a worn and weathered old roller coaster body. This is what I want to find out - what the coaster train used to be on - what ride is it from? Heres the info I have - The front of the train was red, with a six flags logo on its nose. It has blue and white pin striping, with white stars running down the blue stripe. The train itself looked like your typical steel looper - it would have looked like it belonged on either demon or corkscrew, or cyclone even. Its second car was painted blue, with a red stripe with white stars etc etc... all the way down the train, redblueredblue.. standard ratchet OTSR's, although the seat padding and OTSR's themselves were missing, as was the undercarriage... just a plain old stock train fibreglass shell... Can anyone identify it?

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It looks almost identical to the one i saw, including the six flags logo... only thing is, on this show, the alternating carriages were blue, not red... this one looks like the entire train is red... Edit: I've just attached some pics from the show... and it could quite possibly be the coaster you're talking about flea, but the blue cars dont fit with what RCDB has...

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I would say it is shockwave. There was a blue train and a red train, perhaps they were stored near each other in the junk yard. Another possibility is Great American Scream Machine at SFGAdv although I think it may still be operated with the original trains so then again... maybe not. Great American Scream Machine http://www.coasterimage.com/pictures/sixfl...ammachine04.htm

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