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My thoughts on the park...

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I went with my mate Nev, Richard and Joz to Movie World last monday the 14th feb. Here is my thoughts on the current state of affairs of the park... I'm not going to go all on about how well themed it is and the quality of the rides because we all know that already. We certainly managed to fill a full day even without going on some things and with Lethal being down. We made sure to see Police Academy and as usual the show was great. Crazy mike was a crack up doing his pre-show stuff and I really don't see why people recon this show is outdated and needs to go, it's still doing really well. Perhaps the sets could do with a slight touchup and maybe do something about that chopper pole but other than that she's fine. I think Scooby is getting to the point where it needs some decent attention... A fair bit of the theming work through the que has been attacked and somehow the door handles next to the ops panel have vanished exposing the foam underneath. In the laser room the main laser on the lift side wall is down as is the one that greats the tunnel effect before you go down the final drop next to scooby. Time for rehab! WWF is in the same state, it's actually getting pretty bad. The large printed mural behind the Indian camp looks like crap and is faded and torn. The effects in the ghost town need work to get them back up to scratch also. The biggest let down for me is the fact the end lift and show is STILL IN ITS QUICK FIX STATE! Come on guys, you got the insurance money and this has still not be restored to its former glory. 2 pieces of steel sheeting, a mirror and 2 70 buck strobes don't cut it for me. Lets get the sparks, cannons and large anamatronics back up there already. Other than that the park is in pretty good general shape but it is time some time and money was spent on getting the existing rides back up to scratch.

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No Joz 'My Bar' is not some secret hidden away at Seaworld it is in fact an upmarket style bar located underneath Shooters. Aparently that is where <> :) spends much of her time behind the bar. Be certain to give her my regards, I certainly don't think she's forgetting my wallet at least in a hurry :P Ask her for a Blowjob if you're game, leaves the Jellyfish for dead. If she doesn't remember try ordering a 'Midori and Cranberry and stuff' drink, that should jog the memory LOL Catch you soon man. ...bummer we never did make it to that secret bar though

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