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The makers, Maurer & soehne, of the tallest portable FreeFall ride in the world, the Power Tower, takes the thrill of freefall one step further. Click this link... EARTHQUAKE! for a new thrill sensation! this version would be totally amazing to ride, and would add a whole new dimension to just freefalling! id take that over a Giant Drop or Mega Drop ANYDAY!

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"Endless theming possibilities. " - that seems a bit cheesy, but the rest, seems ok. It could get a bit rough, you'd think when you're happily sitting there and then suddenly you begin shifting around uncomfortably all that way in the air. Hats off to them for coming up with a unique idea, but it just sounds a little trivial and all. If it were smooth (which I doubt an earthquake simulator could be), comfortable and thrilling, it'd be brilliant. But I doubt that'll happen, so yeah.

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Hmmmmm. Looks quite Boring. I'm guessing it's a "Traveling Ride" otherwise rainbow guy here wouldn't have posted it. Looks quite Boring. Well i suppose it is a change from the usual spinning ride which you find at shows.

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