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Warning this could be just a rumor but Bolliger and Mallibard a rumored to be developing a prototype coaster, at first it was believed to be for Happy valley park in china, however there are now speculations that this is being made for a theme park somewhere in Australia. Reasons for this belief stem from sightings of B&M track at their factory that has spent an unusually long time lying around, and has not been shipped out. Does anyone know what's going on with these track pieces? db_2008_0911_MysteryDiveMachine11.jpgdb_2008_0911_MysteryDiveMachine21.jpgdb_2008_0911_MysteryDiveMachine31.jpg

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No, those are two separate rumours: -12/9/08: Red Dive machine track has been spotted at B&Ms track fabrication facility. -18/9/08: B&M may be revealing a new prototype ride design at the IAAPA trade show. Edit: I looked at the USPTO website, and the last patent application B&M lodged was for their water scoop splashdown effect, so I'm not really sure about what could be announced, if at all.

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Too true, and even the boys at screamscape are sceptical about the aussie part of the rumour. I could very easily make mention of something in an email to screamscape and get them to report it. Screamscape is reliable, but if he says he is sceptical, it usually means it isn't something he believes or has verified. It's a little like wikipedia when it comes to that part. I like the mention there about ThemeParkNewsDirect launching their new videos section of rides "around the world". Featuring contributions from two people - Cadboy's videos of dreamworld and movieworld, and Zano's videos of two international coasters. - Some great viewing to be had there of parks "around the world".

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