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I was informed by a guest today that a Channel 9 news crew had been in the park (Wet'n'Wild) filming a piece about the apparent theft of the AOS Australian Flag last night. I wasn't even aware it was missing let alone stolen, if that is even true. I noticed that the flag wasn't flying when I left work this afternoon, around 5:30ish but I didn't see anything on the news tonight. It might have been on on the Gold Coast news though. Did anybody see anything on the news tonight?

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Some staff were told or heard rumours about this at all WVTP parks today. The custom made flag wasn't cheap and this is the 2nd one replaced mid last year due to fading. the Gold coast Bulletin also covered the story and we should see it in the paper tommorrow its not a huge article but is mainly aimed at trying to find out any information. Brief of the story bellow: Outback Spectacular flag stolen Jack Campbell April 14th, 2009 A GIANT Australia flag went missing from the front of the Australian Outback Spectacular yesterday. It was believed the flag was stolen about 3pm. A spokesperson from Australian Outback Spectacular said it was not known whether an official complaint would be made. The Bulletin investigated the scene yesterday and found the front panel had been removed from the flag pole allowing thieves to lower the flag. Anyone with information should contact Crime Stoppers 1800 333 000. Also from my understanding there should be a feature on ACA (A current affair) this week.

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That flag was actually replaced only a few weeks before it was stolen. It's technically custom made I guess but really it's just a big damn flag that gets ordered from the ye big damn flag shoppe at regular intervals. The flag flying now is the old faded flag, its amazing how quickly the flags get faded by the sun and ripped apart by the wind. They are also by no means cheap!

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