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What's new for 2010



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  1. 1. Which of the Big 6 do you think will be revamped in 2010?

    • Motocoaster
    • Claw
    • Cyclone
    • Giant Drop
    • Tower of Terror
    • Wipeout
  2. 2. What do you think is in store for WWW in 2010?

    • Stage 3 Major Expansion
    • Other slide(s)
    • Nothing (again)
  3. 3. Will Movie World's White Christmas Draw the Crowds?

    • Yes
    • No

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^LW was originally intended to be a 'stunt driving' theme & there were far grander plans for adding FX to the loading area (was meant to be completely in doors) and the ride itself supposedly going to have indoor sections as well as plumes of fire etc shooting from the ground.. Once again budget constraints realised a far more aussie park friendly reality. The same can really be said for all other MW attractions. For example, the Wild West falls original design was nothing short of AMAZING and more akin to Disney's Big Thunder Mountain Railroad & even Scooby Doo lost the originally intented Çastle walls and corridors that were meant to surround the track in the laser room, that said both rides still turned out great but not nearly as wow as they were originally intended to be. So for whatever MW adds next, expect something great but not wow all over. If it's to be a thrill ride then by all means it will no doubt be an awesome ride experience but expect it will fall short on expectations of themeing and SPFX. For that kind of thing they may be better to go for something less costly (a shoot em up dark ride anyone?) to deliver more on the visual wow! factor. People have suggested LW getting torn down this year. Can't say I believe that - The ride cost close to 15 million bucks back in 1995 and that really is not a long time to get a decent return on that kind of investment. I still think new, shock absorbing trains for Lethal are the way to go. Take the bumps out and you've got yourself a dam good ride. If MW adds anything this year I'd say that's all it will be - breathing new life into Lethal with some comfy new trains and a box of xmas lights for main street

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I was just going through Timmc's youtube page which then just gave me the idea for either dw or mw: DW-just to keep in tune with their recent theming of things that go "VROOOOMMMMMM!":) and to go with channel 9's recent marketing of "Top Gear" they should make a car coaster but theme it like that, like: your in a car with one of the guys and the stig has done a lap or 2 around this track whitch you must then beat, and so on.
I guess it would be something like the Back Lot Stunt Coaster... That sounds pretty cool. :) Edited by TimMc333
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