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  1. 1. well?

    • Scooby Lights On Ride-Through
    • Scooby Walk-Through
    • Behind the Scenes at Wild West Falls
    • Superman Escape Walk-Through
    • Looney Tunes River Ride Walk-Through
    • Behind the Scenes at Batman Adventure
    • something else? please comment
  2. 2. How much would you be willing to pay to enjoy one or more of these park extras at a parkz meetup?

    • nothing
    • up to $10
    • up to $20
    • up to $30
    • up to $40
    • up to $50
  3. 3. If an event was organised by a Parkz member which included one or more of the above extras - would you go?

    • Yes
    • No

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Thanks to those people who have had some input. Now obviously any event which is a walk through of an exsisting ride would have to be completed outside of normal operating and maintenance hours. The cost is high to actually hire these rides for use, and its been discussed at length before that ERT would be completly out of the question. I truly believe that a TPR style "behind the scenes" tour of one or more attractions is achievable. Will it cost ? Yes, but not near as much as it would cost to ride then (and there's no real point buying ERT) So, With just a few votes cast I think its clear that of those people who would attend, a behind the scenes walk through of Superman and/or Scooby would be an event that some Parkz members would pay up to $50 to enjoy. So here's what I'm proposing. I will contact someone at MW events that I have dealt with in the past just to see if this can.be achievable. I will keep you up to.date with a responce here. If Movieworld come back with a great deal for us nerds, I will pass it on to admin here to confirm its validity and then with parkz permission offer tickets at cost to this event. Payment would be to my ANZ business account and rest assured I am registered and full details will be provided to admin to validate that this will be above board. Now comments are always welcome, but please keep some positive energy in this thread. I know there are some here (maybe most) who strongly believe a good deal can't be done and your points are noted, but I would really like to go straight to VRTP and see how I go. If there is a slim possibility of an event like this going ahead, then why shouldn't I.just ask VRTP themselves. I will keep you all notified, but in the meantime if you havnt voted, please do :) Nate

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You have to remember TPR uses its services to leverage access. The on-ride footage is generally included as part of a deal between them and a park and this allows them to seem to "give away" exclusive areas access. Their trip would be seen as one giant international media visit showing off the parks to a worldwide audience and getting additional attention to the parks from people who might not have ever heard of the parks let alone think of visiting there. This is where it is hard for a community like ours which is a local niche community in comparison to the juggernaut that is TPR. There is no harm in trying for something with the parks but cannot see it being a "complimentary" deal like what TPR got or the level of access as far as filming goes. The biggest question is what would we like to see from the parks. ERT is kinda pointless as most of us have passes and can ride the rides almost any time. Maintenance areas are something that can be done during park hours and don't necessarily have to be out of park hours. I would really like to see organised with one of the parks a "bash" style event with backstage access, lunch, Q&A with management and option of ERT either before or after hours. Just a matter of getting one of the parks willing to get on board with it and what kind of cost and group size would be needed for it to be viable.

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Perhaps in the discussions, link to the thing Busch gardens offers in terms of behind the thrills tours: http://buschgardens.com/Bgt/Explore/UpClose.aspx?id=1353#gotodetail http://commerce.4adventure.com/estore/scripts/skins/bgw/upclosetours.aspx

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