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old theme park on park rd ludenham

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Hi parkz people

Can anyone remember the theme park on park rd between ludenham and wallacia.

If you drive from great northern rd turn left into park rd and travel about halfway down towards wallacia and on the left hand side there is a small side rd you can vear onto.

This was the entrance into the park , has a house and sheds there now with small dam out front with what looks like some of the old  paddle boats.from the road beside the block you can see the old big slide and other old rides in the over growth.

We used to go there when i was little ,probably 4 or 5 ,im now 50, at the time we lived in liverpool or windsor ( live in both towns )

It had the big slide lots of stuff to climb on ,a cave made from chicken wire and cement, there were some animals, i remember a camel that would eat anything, a old train cart on a track you had to pump up and down to get it going, And a bunch of other stuff aswell.

i thought it was called adventure land but thats a different park, my wife thought it was called magic mountian but thats in landsvale,.my wife had been to this same park and when i took her to show it to her she remembered going there as a kid.

It's not the old bullens animal park, that was further down the road on the opposite side of the road near the corner.

Im thinking this park may have closed down in the early 80's, my first time there would, have beenin the late 60's

If anyone has any info about this park can they please let me know, im planing a trip there again soon,its only about 50 min from my place in wollongong, i will be taking a good camera with me then, maybe get some pictures before it all gone.

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No not that one either.its halfway between the great northern rd and mulgola rd, think thats how it's spelt ?

If you google map park rd luddenham, then use the satilite mode , follow park rd from great northern rd towards wallacia and about halfway along there is a small side road running beside park rd on the left hand side, that was the park entry, you can zoom in to see the road ok.

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Yeh i hope so, must be some oldies out there that went there too,

Next time i go there ill take a few pictures if theres anything left and ill try to post them on here for everyone to check out.

I was up there last year and there was still some stuff on the property

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Ill look into it, might ask around next time im up there, ive been to both african lion safari and bullens animal world, this was completely different, only had a few animals, camel, goat, some ponies thats all

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