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  1. Am I the only person who thinks that the colours of the train doesn't look good with the track? Nevertheless, great photos!
  2. The park is usually empty when the Parramatta festival is on.
  3. Would like to see nearmaps of Wet N wild Sydney, Jamberoo and Funfields when you get the time too!
  4. What a great report!!! Movieland Studios is such a strange looking park........
  5. I'm pretty sure that Jungle Twist is a junior spinning coaster.
  6. Australia desperately needs a woodie. A GCI is already good enough but a gravity group would be even better!
  7. Looks like the slide will give some pretty awesome views!
  8. Looks like it's going to be a great new addition. After this slide, it's time for a thrilling attraction!
  9. To be honest they should just stick water slides for now..... This looks like a great new addition to a smaller park and I'm very keen to go to the park next season!
  10. The launch kinda seems pointless to me but I still think that it will be a great coaster. It's RMC anyway.....
  11. Wait, did you just say that you did all 4 disney parks in 1 day? You must have cruised through and done only a few rides at each park.
  12. 2015- Luna Park Melbourne Luna Park Sydney Movie World Sea World Dreamworld Wet N Wild Sydney Wet N Wild GC 2016- Still a Europe trip in the planning phase...... Edit: Waiting for Gazza's long list......
  13. ^It's not really "special" but it is so fun and highly re-ridable in my opinion. It also has a great layout! More parks should buy them.
  14. It rides well, is intense and most importantly it's a full circuit coaster.
  15. Something like Tornado at Linnanmaki would be awesome!
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