Sea World is an evil animal killer!

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Since when has Sea World tried to kill animals, it's quite the opposite. Have you ever heard of the word [REHABILITATION]?!!!

They use animals as glorified circus props.


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Are you really going to start another topic on this again ...

Yes. Why is Parkz admin trying to stifle relevant discussion?

Who here is on the payroll at SeaKILLworld?

What proof is that video offering? What are we meant to discuss about it?

May as well have linked to a Rick Roll and be done with it.


you're a grade A idiot


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Let's see, no evidence provided, calling someone a 'Grade A idiot' for asking what exactly you want to discuss, making baseless accusations about the moderators on this site.  This is a total junk thread. 


Thing is we tried to discuss this with you last time, but you weren't able to take anything on board that you were being told.  You're incapable of a discussion on the issue.  Don't accuse us of censoring either because we left the thread up for all to see.


So here is what's going to happen;  This thread is being locked, and if you start a new one you'll be banned.  That simple.  This isn't adding anything to the community, and frankly, we don't need you.  Also although we don't HAVE to answer to you (and you probably won't listen anyway) none of the mods on here are on Sea World's books.

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