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Futuroscope in France to build €22M coaster for 2019

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Futuroscope's manager, Dominique Hummel, has recently announced the construction of a major roller coaster at the park for 2019. The coaster would cost 22 million euros, theming included, which would be the biggest investment of the park for a long while.

Source in French:

Additional info surfaced on the dedicated Futuroscope fan:

- The coaster's height requirement will be 105 cm or 42 inches
- It will be themed to a space adventure
- Will have both indoor and outdoor sections
- One of the element would be a freefall drop section of track.

Source in French:

Very interesting news. Futuroscope has never been coaster-focused. In fact, they only have one roller coaster and it's just a Sunkid Butterfly. But they have a strong financial momentum. I'm very curious how the regular Futuroscope audience will react to this departure from their usual style. It is a fascinating gamble that could well expand the park's reach.

Futuroscope is one of the largest French amusement parks and is located near Poitiers, in the western-ish part of the country. It generally has a 2M visitors attendance.


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I visited Futuroscope way back in 2001 on a school trip to France. Whilst not your typical theme park it was actually a pretty good park showing all the different types of movie style rides (Motion simulators, 4D etc.). All of the attractions were of a very high quality.

The addition of a roller coaster knowing their attention to detail would be awesome!

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