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Dreamworld turns 38 years old today

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Well this is clearly just a reprinted press release the park sent out to everyone. So not too sure how crowded that wagon is. 

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The intriguing thing for me is - who chose the pictures? Dreamworld's media centre has picture request links underneath their releases - did they choose to supply the singular tasmanian devil image as the best one to use? it is quite the hero animal, isn't it?

Meanwhile, this is what Ausleisure chose to lead with:


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Does it really matter? It’s a Tassie devil with a present. 
I think you reading into being some deep sly attempt to throw shade at PC for some unknown reason and an indication of some pro DW anti VRTP swing that’s occurred at Parkz is a bit of an overactive imagination. 

Parkz is never really ‘for’ or ‘against’ anyone. It always simply reports what’s out there and makes commentary whether pro or negative based on what’s being discussed. 

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