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  1. Just Curious. Does anyone have any photo's of the park when it first opened, or whenever becuase looking at the brocher, it looks very plain, not as busshy and so on. I am just curious to look at some of the photo's. Thanks
  2. Yeah their waterslides where awsome with a great swimming hole. If you watched the horse shows they were really great. They also had a train ( i know it doesn't sound much) but had a fun show on the trip. I think it was an family operation and never decided to waste their money re-opening it. They also had some little kids rides. It's a shame that the CHeapo carr government are deciding to let all the tourist attractions fold in N.S.W (El Cabalao Blanco & Wonderland) because the queensland government won't let the parks there close. They even assisted Dreamworld when they were going broke because they wanted to close down.
  3. The Gyroswing in this video, i think will be the size that Dreamworld will be installing.
  4. Does anyone know where you can download this sort of stuff ie: the Wonderland Ad, the song?
  5. Yeah know where you can find a recent Park Map of Dreamworld. Just click on this link www.dreamworld.com.au/dw/rwpgslib.nsf/GraphicFiles/DreamworldMap/$file/map.pdf If the link doesn't work, just cut and paste the link into your browser. Acrobat is needed to view.
  6. Yeah Liam great Wonderland Vid. Congradulations
  7. I would just like to let you guys all know that the Wonderland Website is now Closed forever. It can no longer be accessed. A bit dissapointing isn't it. I reckon what they should do with the site is create a new one with pictures & history of the park. THat would be neato.
  8. Also what is the URL for Ozattractions?
  9. Yeah i don't know. I mean for all those people wwho haven't heard the Rumor about the Gyro Swing, and they visited the park, aren't they going to wana know what is happening?
  10. Thanks Mates. If anyone else has anything to contribute, please do so.
  11. Does anyone here know where i can download some theme park videos of Australia's Theme Parks keeping in mind that i have already seen Liams Videos. Please Help.
  12. I still reckon hey should at least buy some of the old wonderland family rides ie: The Zodiac, THe great baloon escape and other stuff as Dreamworld lacks for family rides. I would definatly love to see the zodiac there at least.
  13. If you want to know what i think on what they should do with Thunderbolts old area is. 1. Leave the Blue Lagoon where it is. 2. Copy Paramount Parks and add Hanna Barbarra Land 3. Buy all the Hanna Barbarra gear from Wonderland ie: The Flinstones Splashdown, Zodiac, The Rainbow, plus all the other great stuff that would fit in well their & re theme it to it's near original state 4. and Build some new rides to go with it. Now it seems that that would fit in there really well.
  14. Wonderland was indeed a great park when it first opened as Australia's Wonderland. It was even better when they added Old Botany Bay and Transilvania and was going fine when trading under the name Australia's Wonderland. The park started to fall to the pits when Sunway came in charge as managment (which was when they were trading under the name Wonderland Sydney). Ever since then they have been downgrading the park and making it a **** hole. Sunway have done sweet nothing for sydney and surrounding region livers. I say Down With Sunway.
  15. Yeah It is definatly going to happen.
  16. Aren't They Meant to be?
  17. What was Thrillseeker?
  18. I reckon that the new Gyro Swing to be installed at Dreamworld should be called Hurricane or something to go with the theme of The Cyclone & Ocean Parade.
  19. Id just like to say Farewell Wonderland and that your memories will always remain insde of me.
  20. Latest news straignt from Atari. Hot new video for Rollercoaster Tycoon 3! Article Date: 23-04-2004 Atari have just released a new video for their upcoming straegy game, Rollercoaster Tycoon 3. Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 features a totally new 3D engine that now draws the park, the rides and the viewpoint inside the rollercoaster in full 3D. The game is set to appear on PC format later this year. Click on the link below to download the video (10mb) and look out for more information on this great game shortly! http://gnforums.planet.net.au/DEMO/RTC3/RC...AltonTowers.mpg >>
  21. And yes i do realize i spellt Scenic wrong.
  22. News Flash Latest news from Sceic world. I recently E-Mailed Scenic world to find out some infomation about the "Orphan Rocker" Rollercoaster, and am pleased to announce that they currently have an Engineer working on the new Project. I have been officially told that yes because of technology has advanced so much that they are able to work on the Orphan Rocker to have it Up and Running to the public as soon as possible. I have not yet been notified yet on the Open Date, but was told that it is comming & is closer than it was 10 years ago.
  23. I think it is absoloutly realy sad that Wonderland is closing. I have been going there ever since i could talk. I thought it was bad when Hanna Barbara Land Closed but this is the worst ever. I used to live in Sydney, but now live in Canberra, and really i hate Sydney but Wonderland gives me a good excuse to go down to there, visit relatives and have some awsome fun at Wonderland. I am really going to miss this wonderfull Theme Park.
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