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  1. Extended trading hours may make events like white christmas and carnivale less valuable, but let me ask you this, if having the park open later more often takes away from those events, what does it make those events? Maybe they need to make the events better so people go for the event and content rather than just to ride the rides at night. There is nothing better in the theme park world (especially in a warm climate) to visit as the sun is setting, the lights turn on, and the cooler weather just makes it a much better and more enjoyable environment. I don't think they should run into the evening every day of the year, but in the peak holiday seasons? yeah go for it I say.
  2. Iwerks, no one talks about the other parks because no one really seems to care and they aren’t big league enough when compared to the parks on the Gold Coast. Despite this I still haven’t seen any evidence of Alexb belittling and bullying people who talk about non QLD parks. I also don’t see what this has anything to do with Village Theme Parks..
  3. Knowing how village operate and how they view their guests, I’m surprised that they haven’t tried to sell the extended trading half hour as some sort upcharge..
  4. Since the wacky inflatable waving men (Airman) were so popular at Sea World, Dreamworld have followed in the footsteps of the worlds best theme park operator and are also investing in Wacky inflatable waving men..
  5. People also visit Dreamworld many other ways that do not involve a personal motor vehicle. The amount of cars in the parking lot is not an accurate representation of how busy the parks are.
  6. Man what you smoking? Because I want to see it through your eyes to see what makes this Universal quality..,
  7. With all the white on this building, there’s some real good future lighting opportunities here.
  8. Great footage Smitty, agree with Slicks comment about the dropped frames, as the footage is just fantastic. It really shows a different time in the parks history, such a shame how things have turned out for the park.
  9. Sorry Push but agree to disagree on this one. Dreamworld needs help, and yes it’s finally getting some investment, but Ardent have taken out too much financially and literally out of the park in the last 10 years, and it’s the reason the park is in its current sad state. TOT is limping along because Ardent did not want to spend the money for the major upgrade. SFMM got that upgrade and it shows. They have made poor choices in regards to where to skimp and where to spend the money over the years. Case in point, Dreamworld once had a charming river boat that needed refurbishment, instead of spending the money for marine grade wood products, they skimped and rebuilt the boat with non marine wood products to save money. The result? The boat requires constant attention and eventually they pulled the pin. The above is story is just one of many examples of why Dreamworld are in their current predicament. They were already on this downward spiral, it just took the accident to stop the spiral. And to be fair, people on here don’t “hate” Dreamworld, no one on here wants to see a sick theme park, what they object to is Ardent and the way they are running the park.
  10. You mean the Caboose? The caboose is always on the back of the train, it’s where the Guard stands, it’s where the power for the train is generated, and also where the wheel chairs and large prams can be loaded. Now if you tell me train has 3 red and yellow carriages and the caboose, then yes you are right, that’s a full train, however if they are running 2 red and yellow carriages and the caboose then no nothing has changed.
  11. Dude 2 wrongs don't make a right, I thought you were better than that Push. What you said was extremely rude and you should apologize. Keeping on topic, thanks for the photos Push (see, being nice wasn't that hard!) whilst the ride appears to be coming together, and we have all shared our opinions on the outside, its the experience that counts, and I hope they have got it just right. Fingers crossed.
  12. From the sound of it, there seems to be a lot of projection happening (and happening rather poorly as well) and not a whole lot of mapping. Disappointing especially after the hard sell of the upgrade. I know you say "hey they could have kept it closed but chose to open it for the crowds", yes but far out, they easily could have left it another week or week and a half to get it right, especially if they are pushing it so hard about how "next generation" it really is. In cases like this, by opening it early when it clearly isn't ready (which I hope is the case) you get awful reviews and piss your customers off, even more than if you left it closed for another week to get the experience just right.
  13. I will say your comment to Liz was a tad rude Push, you ain’t no angel yourself now. Let me apologise for Push @liz.wis, he’s the town drunk. Seeing this building come closer and closer to completion, it really just looks like they pulled the facade design straight from what was planned for the south bank Brisbane attraction before it fell into the oblivion. It would fit right in at Southbank..
  14. It’s a shame these guys aren’t thinking about the poor sharks who are also being exploited. Come on Justice for Captives, let’s do something about the sharks!🤫
  15. You are correct Evie, Peter left Dreamworld last year. Thanks for sharing the article Slick. It’s a great read and anyone who has any sort of appreciation for the park should have a read, and if you just thought that perhaps “they are just trains, who cares”, well the article should highlight why those engines were so important to the park. I for one hope we see the Baldwin, a World War 1 veteran return to regular service soon. The park is poorer for not having them running.
  16. I think it’s time we give up on the idea of Main Street being cohesive, the idea has just gone out the window. Expect the remaining Main Street facades to eventually be stripped away too, they are too hard to maintain..
  17. Most of the hardcore train nuts though red never liked the Baldwin or Perry, too “americanised” as they would say,. Push, in a sense yes it is a train, just like a coaster train is a train, just running on different rails. What we have here is a diesel John Deere tractor (that sounds like it too) pulling carriages around a theme park, and doing it rather poorly too. That thing has done more damage in its short lifespan than what the steam engines ever did in their 30 something years of operation at the park. I get it, the park wanted to dieselise for whatever reason (cough B Tan) but what they replced the steam engines with adversely affects the performance of the attraction, with the fact it is frequently “broken”, full because they are only running 1 or 2 carriages, or heck even in the way it looks. I saw it today, and it really looks like shit, even by its standards! If they just to go diesel, they should have looked at a company who had built trains before like Severn Lamb (http://www.severn-lamb.com/) who produce some very nice “diesel” locos, or you know just looked at a better firing system which would have saved them money. On the reliability side of things, When the park had the steam engines running it was very rare that a day went by without the train running, only really stopping when track work was being done, these days its about as reliable as my Italian made watch. I could go on about the current situation, but it will just fall on deaf ears. So I’ll leave on this note, You know how Joz mentions that the train sits at the station for 8 minutes? Well back when the steam engines ran it used to sit for closer to 12 mins at Central Park (the timetable was faster then, but atleast they could meet the timetable!) which was enough time to do a full lap of the park with all stops if no one was boarding on and off. Sadly these days with the John Deere they wouldn’t be able to keep to schedule without the rest break at Central Park station, which at times today was only 2 to 3 mins.
  18. Oh if only you knew the real reason. It’s not undergoing maintenance at all, it’s Dreamworld, it’s all I’ll say.
  19. The sad thing about the photo Push posted is that it was only hauling 2 passenger carriages plus caboose, hauling the full 3 passenger carriages plus caboose would have eased the crowding issue. That’s one way to piss off customers Dreamworld.
  20. Exactly, there isn't a transition, it just changes, and because the scale is different between the 2 buildings it is quite jarring.
  21. Like most people I have a life so can't visit willy nilly Push, hence why I asked for you to tell us what was said, simply because when I do get to visit and if the train is running (due to its crap reliability) there's a chance I may not hear the humorous commentary that you heard. I don't really care anymore.
  22. My god the transition from the facade to the Green Bean facade is awful and jarring.
  23. Well if the experience is an off hand job by one of the employee's, then we may not hear what was said. Feel free to PM me the details if you really don't really don't want to post it on here.
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