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  1. I was not changing the subject to the shopping centre but just making a comparison to how long a process can take for these types of approvals. For the people who want to know about the shopping centre it is planed to go on Dreamworld land the other side of Coomera train station. The building application attached show what was submitted.
  2. Quick update so people know why no construction has started up as of yet. Dreamworld and the G.C.C.C are just haggling of the price that Dreamworld will need to pay for a new sewer connection which should be sorted out shortly. At this point in time we would be looking at a 2009 opening for stage 3. Just to show you how long the council can slow down the process for approvals, Dreamworld’s application for a shopping complex which was refused back in 2005 will final be sorted out by the courts in November 2008.
  3. Just having a couple of ideas here. Why have they wrapped this section of track up after they have just installed it? What are they protecting it from? http://themeparkphotography.com/gallery/di...&fullsize=1 I think it would be easier to cover one section of track with soil then to remove the piece that has been covered up with soil. To my understanding you would have to remove other pieces as well to remove the one piece in question. Just a side note, the more I see this new attraction unfold the more keyed up I am becoming. It looks like it will be a lot of fun and I am counting down till it opens. Just another side note, sorry, Gazza I think you should get more photos this weekend because I do enjoy your thought of what you think is happing and you can never have enough photos of the construction of a new attraction.
  4. I think you need to look at the wage comparison and not just the exchange rate to work out which park it cheaper. My parents live in Portland and my wages is more then theirs put together. I just had a quick look and the average wage of the USA is $39,273. If you calculate against each other you will find it cost Australia = 20% of wage where USA = 25% of wage.
  5. Can I get someone to uncover what you are trying to say. So yeah.
  6. I have to disagree with you about the set and actors. I thought there was not enough inside the mummy attraction with to many nothing hallways. I also thought you get rushed along to quick so you can’t have a good look around. I thought the actors did an outstanding job. My kids went through 3 times in a row and the performers where in different spots every time with different antics. I reckon the actors would be stuffed by the end of the day but they look liked where having a lot of fun. My final statement is I think the actors do a great job at filling in the holes of the attraction.
  7. I think this tyre has been there longer. http://www.parkz.com.au/photo/AU/Gold_Coas...76-1_09_08.html On another note, there has been a broken rake on the island at Dreamworld for years. The next time you take a ride on the boat at Dreamworld, have a look for it and also its friend the pool leaf cleaner.
  8. The DA has been approved for WWW. The DA will have a time limit on when work must start. DA could last fo 10 years.
  9. Gazza any chance of an update this week? I have wanted to check it out for myself but I can't seem to find the time.
  10. Richard whose misfortunes are you waiting to see unfold, for your malicious enjoyment?
  11. I just figured that out too. You would think someone would be smart enough to type in a different manner. Having motors in the last car is the funniest thing I have heard all year.
  12. Once again I say you post about stuff you don’t know anything about. There is no point winning the race if your information is incorrect. The application is on a HISTORICAL lot. It was approved in 1982, which means this coaster has come and gone. Thanks ash for keeping us up to date with the latest news.
  13. When there is nothing going on some people just make things up for the sake of it. It’s called a rumour. This type of reporting shows the integrity of that site.
  14. Just a quick update. The G.G.C.C. has approved the MCU for the upgrade of the water park. The MCU is the longest part of the process and the rest of the processes should move faster, depending on Dreamworlds timeline for this project of course.
  15. On dreamworlds site River Rapids Currently closed whilst being fixed Here we go again LOL
  16. I have a bit of extra information. As far as I can see this application is still proceeding. Two days ago dreamworld lodge a hydraulic report to G.G.C.C. relating to potable water supply and wastewater network capacity assessment for proposed white water world expansion. Reports like this take a while to complete and Dreamworld would not of know ithat it was required. When the council are waiting for a report they like to put the job on hold to make there figures look good.
  17. Sorry about that. That proves my theorem anyway. If you drink and post you’re a bloody idiot. Gazza if you read further down the page you will see it says Private Certifier The G.G.C.C. is only involved with the approval if the approval requires town planing or a relaxation. The reason why you see things pop up at different times is just dependent on when the private certifier lodges the plans they approved to the council. If the approval goes through the council then you are able to access plans from the net but if the approval has been approved by a private certifier then the council will charge you to make those plans available.
  18. Just to let everyone know on the 09.6.08 A JET SKI COASTER was approved to be built at Seaworld.
  19. I think of him more as a nightrider. He came in said what he said and then he was gone. Sometimes I just think people say something just for the sake of it.
  20. Good pickup Gazza. I was thinking that this was going to be a quite year. Yes there is no new Superman or TOT type ride that we know of yet but I still prefer lots of small additions to none. By the look of it each park on the Gold Coast will have something new by xmas.
  21. I think I have been misunderstood but I think I didn’t state my positioning correctly. The information I was talking about was more to show why sea world will not be getting a B&M. My personal stance on the spits height restriction is 100% supportive for this area. The Broadwater is a place that we all should be able to enjoy. I don’t understand what you mean by irresponsible development that the city is seeing. The Gold Coast has one of the highest levels of regulation to protect the Gold Coast. The Gold Coast is one of the fastest growing cities and people moving to the Gold Coast need somewhere to live. I think the infrastructure is outdoing a lot of other major cities. A new hospital is about to be built and the new light rail system getting designed now. I think the Gold Coast is better of the most cities. I would rather drive a car around the coast then in Sydney any day.
  22. You forget spotty, Dreamworld special project team need to pat each other on the back and tell them self that they are doing a good job.
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