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  1. Dreamworld was voted the best and Seaworld worst. Best Themepark Comparison?
  2. Are they still strictly enforcing the no food policy? Or is it really easy to get through with food?
  3. Wow even the off peak price has been increased, I hoped it would have stayed at $69, after all no major attractions have been added. Anyone think that WVTP will follow suit or keep their ticket prices the same to keep a competitive edge?
  4. Were they really different? Faster? Slower? Did you get any pictures? Good to hear, new paint jobs are always nice. On a side note, why is there holes in the top of the slide that let light in? Is it for safety reasons?
  5. Does anyone know the updated holiday prices? The website hasn't been updated yet.
  6. From the Sunshine Coast Daily 24th Oct 2009 http://www.sunshinecoastdaily.com.au/story...om-two-to-zero/
  7. From what I have read this coaster is not at all a high capacity ride and clearly a high capacity attraction is what MW needs, so this probably would not be a good choice.
  8. I am interested in seeing everyone's opinion on what rides you think are in store for our parks in 2010. I personally hope MW is in for a big new thrill ride. Considering it has almost been 3 years since Batwing I think it is about time they added something extra to the line up. I hope for a new rollercoaster, wooden perhaps, something filled with speed, airtime and headchoppers. Something that will really bring the Western area back to life. I think W'n'W could receive another addition as they are relatively cheap and Terror Canyon is in need of a replacement/repair. The H20 zone could do
  9. Mmmmm, I love the Pandora's Box concept and I think it could make a really great darkride somewhere over beside SDSC (Near Boot Hill perhaps) MW lacks any sort of spin rides and this would do the trick while filling the attraction gap between Scooby and Wild West.
  10. Although unlikely, I personally would love to see a wooden coaster placed in the Wild West area. A high speed, well themed GCI would be perfect. Something new and unique for Australia, great marketing potential plus it adds to the current line up which seems to be lacking in this area. This was on the cards for MW once, but the idea was scrapped (can't remember why.) Could someone elaborate.
  11. This looks like it will be a great park when it is finished. Those dueling coasters look nice and will be great with a launch.
  12. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! I was so looking forward to this. Shame it can't go ahead the plans looked so good.
  13. Lines must have been incredibly short. I once got on Scooby about straight after getting off by going through the Fire Exit door.
  14. I think I read somewhere that JR launches at 60kmph and then is further accelerated to 70kmph on the second launch. Could be wrong but I am sure the second launch is faster than the first.
  15. Good to see that the ship has been incorporated into the new show which IMO seems like much better use of it than before.
  16. Isn't this the price for a pizza from normal Dominoes without a coupon. If the ones at Seaworld are normal size (which doesn't seem the case) then it really isn't a rip off BUT that is only if they are the same size.
  17. Nice catch Alex. They can't do anything about it unless they amend the terms and conditions like you stated.
  18. Haha, that is ridiculous. One of the rafts almost sunk.
  19. I used to keep a count but after a while I lost count due to the shear amount of times I have ridden it.
  20. Triple post! Wow. Anyway to save starting a new thread I thought I may as well say good bye here. I leave for India on Monday at 9:30am from Brisbane and arrive at Chennai that evening at 10:00pm after losing four and a half hours. This Saturday some of my family are going to MW and then SW the next day. So busy weekend for me and I hope everyone has good holidays that is if you get them I probably won't be posting for the next few weeks so until then.... Bye.
  21. Wouldn't they have to be all the same for safety reasons.
  22. Remember that locker costs are standard at most if not all parks, so it is nothing exclusive to Six Flags as I am sure you are aware.
  23. Yep, and to this day they still haven't sold one
  24. Yeah half the pictures on that page are directly from the B&M website which looks really dodgy.
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