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  1. The families have made their mind on who is at fault: "We hold Dreamworld totally responsible for this tragic event that could have so easily been avoided."
  2. Ardent may as well give up: Dreamworld reputation 'irretrievable' after inquiry evidence: analysts (ABC) The operators being told not to use the emergency off/not knowing about it is probably the most damning.
  3. I think the current Melbourne show must be cursed. :?
  4. Yeah, you would drive this buggy arround that had a computer systen inside. The floor was full of coloured balls. You would drive over them to pick them up and then you could then fire them at other's. When you finished there were stats as well. It was the funnest ride at Sega World.
  5. Apparently Sea World have run into a bit of flak from the RSPCA during over the treatment of the sharks.
  6. When I went in June I had to endure an awful hot dog. I ended up eating only half of the sausage before I removed it and finished off the bun.
  7. I really liked Sega World. One of the best things was that if you got bored of the rides you could spend your time playing the 100+ arcade machines. My favourite ride at Sega World would have to be Mad Bazooka. Sheer dodgem craziness!
  8. Hmm... I didn't get a chance to ride the Scenic Railway due to it being in annual maintenance on the days I was in Melbourne earlier this year... Though, I agree they need to step forward. I too would love it if they replaced that stock-standard steel portable with a proper woodie. Also, I did think that there wasn't a lot to do there, I think we only spent a few hours in the park. Also I would'nt know about the food either, as we went to one of the places on Akland St. As for Sydney, I think if they installed a dark-ride type coaster it would be alright, just make sure that the walls have s
  9. I heard on the radio (Triple M news) that it's apparently it's going to a movie experience, like the Harry Potter attractions. It'll will open around September.
  10. I see. (It's been bugging me over the past week.)
  11. What do you guys mean by overhang?
  12. What happened the cow that hangs above the turbine in the Cyclone que? When I went in Mid-Jan she was missing.
  13. Yeah, I also think it's good to use the full page width.
  14. Actually, I thought Nick Central was alright, especially when you feel like winding down and doing something more tame. Another surprise was that the que time for the Reptar roller coaster was quite short (About 15mins), which can come in handy when you want to fit soemthing else in, yet don't have the time for the huge ques at the major rides. I also thought that Nick Central was a massive improvement in land utilisation over the previous contents of Kennyland. Last year when I went I took a quite stroll though Kennyland and the place was nearly empty - not even many little kids!
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