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  1. Whilst noting that the use of The Avengers in the original contract was an example, it would be interesting to see the extent of the characters that are referred to as part of The Avengers "family". A quick look at the characters that make up The Avengers finds almost all Marvel superheroes having some association with them at some point in time. I personally think the core, original cast would currently form the "family", with those featured in Infinity War outside of this group considered separate entities. In that case, the rumoured Guardians attraction at Universe of Energy could hypothetically go ahead.
  2. It's actually much simpler than that @ThemeTendo. Universal own Marvel attraction rights in the contiguous United States to the east of the Mississippi. In all other operating countries and everywhere to the west of the Mississippi within the United States, Disney is legally allowed to use Marvel IP on attractions.
  3. JacobSibbald

    The Off Topic Topic

    As an incoming cast member, I'm in one of the Facebook groups with other college programmers. Whilst a lot of the comments have been conjecture, there are some interesting details. Basically, Disney has previously allowed guests to stand in the water up to their ankles, any further and they'd be told to get out. A lot of the lifeguards have said quite rightly that guests have an illusion that Disney is safe so they needn't worry about the risks associated with Florida wildlife. However, the child was apparently not in the immediate vicinity of his parents at the time (about 6 metres away). With the speed of attack, despite the parents immediately rushing to the child's aid and apparently wrestling with the alligator, they were unable to save the child. Interestingly, the body was found still intact and with small puncture wounds, indicating that the alligator only contributed to the child's drowning.
  4. JacobSibbald

    The Off Topic Topic

    Walt Disney World is not bound by wire fencing. Instead, it has been established around and within a swampy land mass that can be compared to a nature reserve. Alligators roam relatively freely within the resort due to this reason.
  5. JacobSibbald

    The Off Topic Topic

    @Theme Park Girl that's horrific :'(
  6. UK! They have a completely different program
  7. She didn't get accepted? The system works in a way that every time they update your 'dashboard' on their website, an email is automatically sent to you. They've always released acceptances in one big batch, with no longer in considerations released a couple of days after each respective interview. Currently, only New Zealand has been accepted, Australian acceptances will be released within the next fortnight.
  8. Thanks for the tip! Acceptances are released early may, tell her that if she hasn't received a no longer in consideration email she's incredibly likely to have gotten the job as they are released approx. 3 days after interviews. And thanks Zanstabar I've known about it for quite a while and was considering postponing it until the end of my degree but I thought I should do it (or at least apply to do it) whilst I'm still excited about it haha
  9. That's super young, I was 18 before I began Uni in Melbourne. Can also confirm that the term 'gap year' is definitely prominent in Australia, Alex B. Is there anything stopping you from getting a job? Once you have completed your first year you are eligible to participate in the Disney International Program/J1 Cultural exchange in which you work for Walt Disney World for approximately 5-12 months. This is an alternative that pays you money and allows you to explore some of the best theme parks in the US, in fact I have my interview for the program on Monday
  10. As we've all said before, Australia's population and tourism levels are not yet at the sustainable level for a Disney park. However, Melbourne, as most of the articles state, is lacking a prominent theme park that acts as a tourist drawcard. The iconic nature of Luna Park is not enough to lure visitors (except coaster enthusiasts) in any real way, it is more of an icon that attracts those already planning to visit Melbourne for other reasons.
  11. JacobSibbald

    If Joz ran Sea World

    Lowering the fountains so boats and skiers could safely utilise the water throughout the day is an obstacle Disney did not have to overcome. Paradise Bay isn't used for anything else. It would be difficult, but it would be great to see the two coexisting.
  12. JacobSibbald

    Dear Dreamworld- A Review (Attraction Pass)

    There seems to be two issues here... 1. The complete lack of authenticity/transparency on Dreamworld's behalf. From the footage, it seems like they approached the problem with some trepidation knowing that the news would not be good. 2. The ride manufacturers, as we all know, are internationally based and these standards should affect all installations across the world. Obviously, this is not the case, however those in the video lack respect for park/state/federal safety regulations and policies which are put in place to protect their safety. Of course I am empathetic to their case and would be disheartened to receive this news and have this experience, however it is the strict adherence to such rules that allow our parks to remain virtually accident-free. It's a very touchy subject, but unfortunately in this case I think Dreamworld were right not in their handling of the issue, but in their dedication to safety.
  13. JacobSibbald

    Doomsday Destroyer - 2016 Movie World construction

    This would eliminate the issue of similar rides being decades old and bring it further into the 21st century. If this is true, it would be a good addition to the park.
  14. JacobSibbald

    Doomsday Destroyer - 2016 Movie World construction

    The ride type is decades old. That is my disappointment.
  15. JacobSibbald

    Doomsday Destroyer - 2016 Movie World construction

    Sounding more and more like the suspended twin hammer.