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  1. @AlexB I don't see a problem with the subjectivity of this question, it gives us more to talk about that isn't pointless back and forth like how tall a hyper is. (It's 200ft, no less, by the way!) I don't think the two options I picked are conclusive enough, so I'll elaborate, what makes a coaster truly great, is when you nail what you set out to achieve when designing the coaster. Instead of rabbiting on for hours with millions of examples, I'll just pick one case study: Jet Rescue vs MDMC. Both are 'motorbike' coasters, so what are the things that you want to get right with this ty
  2. @XxMrYoshixX I was at the show on Thursday twilight, I agree with pretty much everything you've said. The presentation was particularly good for the new coaster. You didn't quite catch them in your photos but the motorbike rider figures set up around the place looked excellent, and as you said, the paint job was shiny new. As for the ride, it's the best coaster I've ridden at a carnival, though that isn't saying much. It has some decent height to it, and the loop was surprisingly good, not painful, and had some excellent hang time at the top, pretty much perfect zero Gs for a moment. I
  3. @Glubbo Doubt it will be the exact turnaround I linked, as @Skeeta said, it's not one Mack have ever done in the past. It'll most likely be the same as this one on Flash: I put the Fury 325 turnaround on my prediction as I'd prefer it due to the extended sideways airtime. In the Mack one, the 180 degree turn completes at the very height of the turnaround, whereas on the B&M it completes lower down, with an extra bit of a sideways rise to reach the top and go over. The transition from positive to negative Gs on the B&M turnaround would be insane, the Mack turnaround will b
  4. It was removed because of the stress on trains, not on riders. You really think it would have made it that far through the design/construction process if it was deadly? Just looking at these track pieces and discussion in here, seems like a lot of them are curving inwards with a lot of talk of inversions/intense elements for my liking. Hopefully some airtime pieces arrive soon. My guess for the really twisted one is for the start of the first drop. Not really heartlined enough for what you'd expect from a high speed twist, unless Mack are flashing a big middle finger to Intamin and a
  5. Just look at the number: 367 Is 367 between 300 and 399? If yes, then said coaster is a GIGA coaster.
  6. The 'hyper' term was coined by Cedar Fair when they first built Magnum XL-200, being the first coaster over 200 feet in height. (Common knowledge to you and most on here I'm sure.) I think there is a very strict definition that hyper coasters are over 200 feet. The same for Giga being 300ft+ with Millennium Force and then Strata (400ft) with TTD. In the end, if it isn't over 200ft, it isn't a hyper. Do I care in the end? Not really. Any decent enthusiast looks past the stats of the ride and analyses it for what it is. I think the whole hyper/giga/strata terminology is very GP in natu
  7. The thing is, we have world class dark rides already, having lost Bermuda Triangle and LTRR, I agree that we are possibly ready for another addition. What we don't have and have never had is a coaster of this sort of quality on this sort of scale. It's mind-boggling that you don't realise how massive this thing is for the park, physically AND metaphorically. I've wanted something like this at our parks since as long as I can remember. The money that they make from this is the money that can feed into your future dark ride wet dream. For now, just enjoy what the park is building, because
  8. Bit off topic, but just an example of how many parks in the US are like with new coasters. (Bar RMC Mean Streak of course). It's very up front about everything that's going to be on the ride. What I would give for our parks to be less secretive hahaha.
  9. @docoaster Daaaamn, you put my NL2 effort to shame hahaha. Would love more airtime, but I would have guessed your way the way this coaster will actually go, those clustered footings in the middle really do suggest at least two inversions. @djrappa's comments, however do give me hope that you're not completely correct, and we'll see some more ejector air, less boring inversions.
  10. yeah you're right, I've got it going the wrong way in mine but the same element, no doubt that's what's there. At least that's one bit sorted.
  11. Had another go at this based on the footings that I can see. I added some black lines to show which track passes over which. Also, in places where supports might get confusing I drew some red supports to the relevant footings. The middle is such a confuddled mess, it'll be a miracle if anyone guesses it right. I'm hoping that I'm right about the turnaround in the bottom left, the supports seem to indicate that there is a massive change in elevation from the entry to the exit. Also hope there is more airtime, less helixes/inversions. I won't object to a really floaty zero G roll though.
  12. My comic book knowledge isn't good enough to come up with plausible themes for this ride, especially now that the track is bright pink. Lex Luthor is the only suggestion on here that I feel has some merit to it. It'd be a perfect rival for Superman, almost like there's a battle in the park between the two coasters. Still, the bright pink teaser advertising, and the bright pink track, is a bit contrary to Lex Luthor's purple. I don't think it'd be smart for it to be Joker themed, we already have Arkham Asylum.
  13. Keep in mind that I've just made what I would make if I was given a similar space to make a Mack hyper. I don't think the real coaster will end up being like this, there are loads of footings that suggest elements which I have completely left out. I made my original coaster in NL2 by getting a top-down photo and projecting it on the ground in NL2 to scale. I did break the rules slightly by going out of the cleared dirt area and into the green area a bit, just to suit my fantasies. In the video, you'll see my coaster has a MCBR and runs 3 trains. You'll also see my coaster devi
  14. Ah damn, I've already made a layout in NL2 but I have the station in the wrong place and the track going the wrong way around
  15. They had this at PortAventura as well, although only for Furius Baco, which was unfortunately the worst coaster in the park. I think the only downside to a front row queue is that ride ops probably won't like people holding up at the front of the other queue if passengers want the back row, or any other specific seat. They'll want to be able to assign anyone in the regular queue to avoid the delays that the front row queue is trying to avoid. This coaster being a hyper coaster, I'd really love the option to wait for the back row. Hopefully in the end they just let you wait for any s
  16. Brilliant stuff @STE4LTH! So, passengers will be loading from the East side of the track, meaning there'll have to be a path around, There's a good possibility of having interaction then, between the coaster and guest areas, hopefully there'll be loads of brilliant spots to view this thing from. I was worried they'd load from the other side and sort of have the coaster in its own separate area in the distance. No use having a coaster you can ride but can't really get a good look at off ride, that's part of the fun of going to a park for me. Annoyingly a lot of our parks have gotten this w
  17. God damn, Mack trains are sexy it has to be said. This ride can't come soon enough. As for spinning cars. Surely going 200ft in the air removes any need for the novelty of spinning cars. This is going to be the tallest (bar ToT) and hopefully best coaster in Australia, I trust MW will stay well away from gimmicks and just focus on making sure this a good ride.
  18. Planes can fly 500 feet above the ground in populated areas, and they cannot fly within 500 feet of any person or structure. I don't think any rules are being broken here. I don't care anyway, they can waste money paying for planes and banners and whatever, their message has no merit to it so no one will listen.
  19. Isn't that the truth So many ideas, so little time.
  20. @jjuttp Meh, it depends what you're doing with the car. Land Cruisers drive slow over really rough terrain, these buggies go fast over slightly rough terrain. You wouldn't want it to be too soft because you'd have trouble handling it at speed.
  21. I almost spat out my drink. Yes, and Superman is just a launch, over a hill, around a corner, over another hill, around another corner, over another hill, around another corner and into the brake run. Hills and turns are what roller coasters do. Trust me, hypers and their 'numerous hills' are absolutely incredible and you seriously can't knock it until you ride one. Not every new ride has to be innovative or different, especially when you have such a tried and true formula in the hypercoaster. I can't believe we're even having this debate on a forum about theme parks, this is so
  22. Just to bring another perspective into this. As someone who is an avid soccer fan, I get the same feelings that I get when I see articles sensationalising nothing events at the parks as I get when I see articles sensationalising nothing events at the football. There might even be some people on here who believe that soccer crowds are rampant with violence, and that soccer games are not a safe place to take your kids. 2 or 3 troublemakers having a fight which is quickly resolved by security with no serious injuries in a stadium of tens of thousands who are just there to watch the game is
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