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  1. It didn't have IPhone 5c on the specification list. Do you think it'll still work? I run iOS 8.4
  2. Where were the BB live shows filmed? Was the studio next to the house or somewhere else?
  3. Ouch. Imagine the Whiplash and Nausea after riding that hope it's not that crazy when built
  4. When I was younger I had a book where I drew my dream rides and coasters. One the designs was a drop tower that tilts over so you face the ground as you drop... Someone stole my idea
  5. I got this email too this morning. I saw the email thinking it was another survey, I got so excited because they havn't done a survey for a while, and I enjoyed the surveys, made me think I was important, contributing to the development of new attractions in the parks. But when I read that they were taking down the website I wasn't too suprised. They havnt done much to that site, the surveys were the only thing I loved about it, but they stopped ages ago.
  6. Yeah a Vekoma Boomerang would be pretty cool. I havn't ridden one before but I understand they can get pretty rough, but we havnt had a boomerang coaster in Australia since Wonderland (that I am aware of). It may not hurt to add one into the park.
  7. I'm just hoping this Jamberoo account is legit, if so this has got me even more excited!!!
  8. thankyou, I do hope they start soon. But what I was trying to say before was the loading pool for the mammoth Bowl is right next to the loading pool for the Funnel Web. All the pipes and that needed for the mammoth bowls loading pool are already there, they were there when the funnel web opened, they were covered by a wooden sheet a couple of weeks after opening, this will make the installation process a little bit easier for when they do start it.
  9. Thanks for that information. I know they have the pipes and supports up the top for the station part, they had that all done when funnel web opened though. Well they are next to each other.
  10. Does anyone know what's going on with the Jamberoo expansions? 2 of the 6 new attractions have been completed (The Funnel Web & Banjos Billabong) but I haven't heard anything about the others. Before the start of the season last year, I know they did some refurbishing around the park, and even added a giant screen and sound system at the wave pool. But nothing to do with the expansion. It's been nearly 3 years since The Funnel Web and Banjos Billabong opened so hopefully they are planning for the new additions, I'm looking forward for the new attractions when they are constructed. Has anyone heard anything to do with the expansion lately?
  11. The backwards part on the Germany one looks a lot more fun though.
  12. Ok. Back on topic. Any word on Eureka? Has anyone noticed any testing yet?
  13. As much as i enjoy watching big brother i find it a little bit boring since the stopped the live games thing That they use to do. But even then i could see they were starting to run dry on ideas for the games anyway. So to be honest it wont worry me at all to see the Big Brother House disapear. Or even moved somewhere else. I dont watch it anymore. Im just waiting for the day BB crashes and burns. Sorry was a former fan. Not anymore
  14. Well this i am realy excited for!!! I rode Eureka i think it was the year it closed or the year before, and i found it fun!! And i was upset to see it closed and a stall blocking the entrance. Because i was looking forward to ride it again. I cant wait to see and hear some more of this process!!
  15. Yes. I'm turning 18 this year. And yes I have a part time job... At Hungry Jacks. I get $11 an hour, and with school, I'm only allowed to work weekends, so I only get rostered for 9 - 10 hours a week. And as well as, that I have to put half of my pay each week into a seperate bank account as 'board'. it took me ages to save up for my phone. That cost $600. :/ So I don't think I'm going to be traveling any time soon :/
  16. I've seen some vids. And pics. And it looks pretty cool. But what I'm trying to say by that, America loves quality and they show that in their theme parks and the number of successful theme parks prove this!!
  17. I know there are cheaper ways. But ive always wanted to travel America and go to Disney, Universal, and Six Flags. You can't beat the U.S. Parks
  18. I've always wanted to go to a Disney Park, and as much as I'd love to my parents don't get enough money in to afford a trip to the U.S. and go to the parks in both California and Florida. It would be a dream come true if Disney bought out Dreamworld, or if they constructed a small park for the Australian tourism. Doesn't have to be an extremely large park with an elaborate setup like the U.S. Parks, but enough to keep the residents of Australia entertained and help boost the Australian Tourism!! A Disney resort will too, be a great way to boost tourism, especially with the Disney name and brand behind it. We all wish for a Disney Park to be constructed here in Aus, but we would all have to wait and see where this is going.
  19. Think of a Wild Mouse inside a mountain with Mine Carts as the Coaster Cars.
  20. Heated pools keep the same or similar temperature even if there is a slight temperature drop. People would rather swim in a heated pool because the temperature is bearable, unlike unheated pools, where it takes ages to get use to the temperature. Wet'n'Wild would want their guests to have an enjoyable experience in the park. Rather than shooting down a slide into an unbearably cold pool, all to leave you rushing to the edge of the pool to dry off as quickly as possible. Winter in Sydney gets fairly cold. Even if Wet'n'Wild Sydney stays open all year round they would start loosing money due to the fact that guest wouldnt enjoy sliding down slides into a warm pool all to climb out and encounter a burst of freezing cold air as you walk to your next ride.
  21. The pools are more than likely heated. It's not opened through winter because of the temperature difference. The Gold Coast has warm tropical weather all year round. While Sydney is warm during summer and fairly cold through winter.
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