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  1. I never got to ride sea viper . Last time I went to Sea World I was very young. It was back when it was called the Corkscrew and was coloured red and white. I remember going on the Bermuda Triangle though. Damn I wish I was old enough/ tall enough to ride it back then. May Sea Viper rest in peace !
  2. Yes Movie World may be better than dreamworld. But Dreamworld is more family friendly, Movie World has the WB kids section, while Dreamworld has its kids section, Wiggles World and a Zoo at the back. Dreamworld has many thrill rides that also fit in with older kids too. Movie world may be cleaner, popular, and themed. But Dreamworld is more for the whole family with many things to do, which is why I understand Dreamworld to be above Movie World on this list
  3. ^yeh i saw that Facebook post too. Wasn't there talk about a Sky Fly when they announced a new ride before? (Pandamonium). It'll be good to see a Sky Fly being installed at dreamworld.
  4. Dreamworld Facebook page has 1,995 likes on their photo. 14 more until the next hint. If you haven't liked yet. Please do so!!! EDIT: the 2,009 like goal has just been met.
  5. The sign does say high thrill. It may be a hint and also SPIN in a larger font. Yep it's a spin-n-spew
  6. Brad2912 I agree. They were better options this time. I'd rather see the 2nd and 3rd option in the park
  7. What about matrix? Wasn't the first one filmed in Australia. It would be a good 3D dark ride, similar to the ones used in universal
  8. If you are a part of 'future of fun' their latest survey have 3 possibilities for MW's new ride. We got to choose which one we would like to see in the park, this was to give MW an example on what their guests want. Lets just say, One option is a permanant version of a carnival ride Another option has been used in another australian park And the last option is a ride never before seen in Australia. I hope the last option gets it!!! Edit: (unfortunately we can't say what the rides were)
  9. Slideback, flowback, backflush, backwash. Haha. Either way it still means the same thing. We are all theme park enthusiasts. We all know the meaning behind a rollback.
  10. ^^^ wow that looks amazing. I've got to try that out!!!
  11. I remember one of my trips to movie world, I saw the original toasted TV hosts filming their show. It was so cool to see the hosts of my favourite TV show at the time right there in front of me. Unfortunately I was too shy to say hi. It would have been amazing to say hi to them.
  12. I love watching Big Brother. It's a good show. I use to watch it before It got canceled. But I was very young then about 10. So when BB was announced in 2012 I was excited for it. I watched a fair few episodes but I watched pretty much all of 2013's season. I'm excited for the next season and I hope it doesn't get canceled.
  13. There is already a topic talking about this. Here is the link
  14. MW SW W&WGC WWW DW LPS Jamberoo Wonderland
  15. I was thinking something like this. I just wasn't sure exactly. Hopefully we may see a replacement to Tijuana Taxis if this is the case.
  16. If that is so they may remove the outside two slides and install the new slide(s) there. I can't see any problem with that!
  17. Omg. Remind me never to park at movie world
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