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  1. Have you ever been to a county fair? Tacky as showbag stalls are basically the bread and butter for those shows. A good execution of a bad theme (in this case country fair) does not make it good, but it certainly fits what they're aimed for even though that still doesn't make it good. At no point in the link that you provided did they promise a custom built show bag stall that fits your expectations. They promised showbags, we got showbags. You're exactly right, neither have any place in a theme park but here we are. However I'm interested to know your mental gymnastics as to how a Boost
  2. There are some interesting things happening in our parks at the moment. I don't hate the showbag truck at Dreamworld because it's on brand for their county fair event, but slapping a boost truck on Main Street in Movie World for no reason is incredibly poor show.
  3. I think one of the big problems that has been identified on here before is that VRTP are very reactive. Whilst it seems like there is some planning, generally it seems that most major decisions are made on the fly without any real master plan for the future. Beyond that, their other problem is that they've got so many parks to manage and only so much money to go around so you end up with some parks receiving a lot of attention and then they stagnate for a long time. Movie World hasn't received any new additions since 2017 when Rivals was opened and whilst Sea World is getting some much n
  4. Oof to a lot of those. It seems that some of the general public can't get past what happened several years and whilst I think it's perfectly reasonable to have some healthy scepticism towards the park, I don't think it's fair to still hold it over them after they've done so much to improve. I guess first impressions are the most lasting.
  5. Agreed. I never come off a ride and go "Wow! That 3.8 Gs was absolutely incredible! It pales in comparison to the 3.4 Gs I experienced the other day, but I sure do wish they hit 4.0 Gs like they promised!"
  6. It's a little sad with everybody saying it's boring, especially on RU OK day.
  7. I am yet to figure out what the Australian parks want in terms of media relations. You can be the best of the best in terms of content, size or growth but I feel at the end of the day it doesn't really matter; It's mostly about who you know. With everything happening I'd love to get involved to really put Aussie parks in the international spotlight but you've got a better chance of finding the pope in the woods than securing a time to sit down and talk to some of our theme parks. Hopefully things change for the better moving forward! Honestly I don't think that this was meant f
  8. Depends on what the cost involved. Steel Taipan is on top of what used to be a developed part of the theme park, so I'd imagine that there was considerable cost in landscaping the area to be suitable for the attraction. Also factor the launch systems, minor themed elements and comparable amount of steel used for the track and it starts to make since why Steel Taipan is a little bit more expensive. Whilst some enthusiasts may look at this and think it's not great compared to DC Rivals which is perfectly reasonable, I actually think it has potential to out-perform that coaster with the gen
  9. "Hello? The New Atlantis, open for business! Who are you to resist it, huh?"
  10. At 2:10 you can see a machine set up that is doing mass temperature testing. I know people give China a lot of flack, but they definitely had a leg up on technology due to the SARs outbreak. When I lived in Hong Kong for a few months those machines were everywhere in 2015. They would record your temperature and if you were 'flagged' you wouldn't be able to enter certain areas like Disneyland, etc. They don't take chances when their population is so dense. COVID aside, park looks nice. China is getting some solid entries that I'm excited to visit in the future. With this, Shanghai Disneyl
  11. I really hope we start getting some solid dates for what 'this summer' actually is. As somebody travelling interstate I don't want to book at the last minute for a surprise launch of New Atlantis.
  12. I'm getting really excited for Steel Taipan. I think it has the potential to really change the feel within Dreamworld. In previous trips to the Gold Coast I've usually gone to Movie world before Dreamworld and it becomes extremely obvious that the latter is lacking a stand-out attraction. MW has the leg up with Superman AND Rivals, but I think ST will help even the playing field. Whilst recently I wouldn't have said this in recent years, next year I reckon the park has the potential to be my recommendation for those looking to just get one annual pass. It'll have everything in a nice package.
  13. A consequence from their race to the bottom. They wanted more guests for little so they just kept lowering their AP prices whilst adding generally okay additions. Eventually they reached a tipping point where people started to shift their perception on the parks and both were backed into a corner with cheap park tickets and cheap additions, and their only way was a really slow climb back out of the hole they dug for themselves.
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