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  1. The Wikipedia article has done a fairly good job of keeping up with changes. Honestly at this stage its just embarrassing. I know that there are things that cause delays outside of their control. Not saying anything and pushing these silent changes just makes them look incompetent. Nobody is entitled to information or a release date, but the thing that I find baffling is that there is a perfect opportunity to communicate with the community here and foster a relationship. It that would take like one or two posts from somebody within the business to just say "this is happening, this is why" and we'd be golden.
  2. At what stage do we whip one of these bad boys up? https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Valve_Time
  3. What do you mean, man. They promised us it'd reopen... right? Right!?
  4. Somebody from Dreamworld must browse these forums because they've already updated the notice. Weekdays during the off-peak have always been the wild west of theme parks. The ride barely had a line during the peak of the school holidays. I can't imagine anybody not being able to get more than enough of their fill from 4 hours of operation.
  5. The after hours event was closed when I went. I can only speak for how it was received during the day, but its interesting considering that feedback that they would proceed with an after hours offering. I guess crunching their numbers and factoring the overhead, they must be able to make back a pretty penny even with relatively low crowds.
  6. The food festival mystery red shipping container was pretty popular when I was there. It's especially nice to have options other than burgers, hotdogs, chips and pizza after a week of theme parks.
  7. Somebody brought up a great point in another thread that if they use the Dreamworld name then it changes the expectation. 'Moonlight Night Markets at Dreamworld' or 'Moonlight Night Markets by Dreamworld' would imply that there are attractions open, etc. where as this allows them to separate it without having to constantly telling people there are no rides. Judging by the marketing it seems like they really want to make this an adults hang out to rival Top Golf and the likes. Rides and alcohol just creates too many issues to bother doing on such a regular basis in this market.
  8. Dreamworld has announced a new night market on property starting June 10th. Looks like a good time for those staying at the Gold Coast and locals. http://moonlightnightmarket.com.au/ A couple of things from scrounging the website: Rides wont be open. Starts 5 PM and finished at 9 PM every Friday and Saturday night with no end date which assumes that this is a permanent offering for the time being. Entry is basically a gold coin donation, but season pass holders and day guests get in for free. Seems that the festivities will start at 5 PM after park close, but those within the park will be able to stay within for kick ons. In my opinion this is a great move for the park. Despite rides being closed, it allows you to kick on with your night without having to battle traffic back to Surfers on weekend nights whilst also giving an alternate option to having drinks/food at Top Golf after a park day. Why rush back into the city when you can stick around, have some drinks, and absorb some atmosphere? I'm excited to see how this goes. Thoughts?
  9. Very true. That seems pretty fair at the end of the day.
  10. Tradies make mess; it's the law. But if one cut a hole in your wall and you were having guests around for dinner that night, you'd think it'd make sense to at least clean up the mess before they arrive as curtesy.
  11. The new trains and retheme which is just over a decade old. The refurbishment opened mid-2012. Not a cheap change for a ride that has been SBNO since 2019. Honestly, I have no idea. I just can't imagine that the land clearing and setup was cheap for an attraction that lasted a season. This is the way. But they did spend some money upgrading the attraction to accommodate for storm coaster. Also I've only just put two and two together, but it's kind of off-putting that VRTP chucked this attraction to the kerb as soon as the DW incident happened and there was heavy scrutiny on water based rides. I wonder what maintenance found? Well considering the two decade life expectancy of most attractions on the GC, this is clearly the first sign that the attraction is on it's way out! In saying that, I was being facetious.
  12. Come on, guys. It would be ridiculous for these parks to spend a bunch of money on something and then just stop using it. It just doesn't happen.
  13. New train carriages have been revealed on Dreamworld's socials. Looks nice! https://fb.watch/cUq-mYldi2/
  14. Maybe off topic, but does anybody find it really difficult to justify a sit down meal at our parks just mainly because of how short the operating hours are? The buffet was a great choice because you could eat as much as you needed and then go, but if it's restaurant style then I feel I'd be fretting constantly and watching the clock.
  15. Whilst I don't doubt that rumours are spreading among the staff, at this stage we need to trust the official word from the parks. Their channels say it's a temporary closure and their management has responded saying the attraction is coming back. However, I will set up a pitch fork store just in case they decide to do a "lol jk it is closing" [Pitch Forks $5] ψψψψψψψψψψ
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