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  1. Aren't you normally one of the first on here to tell any other poster " If anyone has photos of anything new they will upload it."?
  2. I always thought it was due to the Media leaking what hotel they were staying at?
  3. Does the location of the Air race and Windstarz have any effect on the minigolf?
  4. So just saving this post because ARDENT will a\have an AGM OCT -- DEC
  5. So you would rather have wipeout run at the bare minimum? Look at who you work for you have had one ride run for 6 MONTHS + IN THE DARK!
  6. No even as a graphic it sucks look at Disney every park in the world should use that Even basicily.
  7. Why would we bother to look after the place? Do you really think a tour of the "house" that hasn't been on T.V. since 2014 ( and pretty much a flop since the turkey slapping ) would draw in the crowds we need?
  8. Considering it's in California most guests probably see "magic"
  9. Which most of there rides are just moving seats in front of screens. I prefer a roller coaster in Australia which is better than anything on the west coast of the USA par maybe two (x2 and tatsu) then 2 sub par coasters and a bunch of simulators.
  10. Did the Dippin Dots guy tell you that?
  11. Or have a wheel bogey fall off.
  12. Nice Photo. Where was this taken?
  13. None that I can talk about until the QPS make it available, expecting another press conference some time this afternoon. Have had a few employees quit today which is completely understandable. Had to view the CCTV footage last night quite horrific.
  14. Expecting press conference in morning. I'm off now shall be back on tomorrow. Once again horrible tragic day.
  15. At this point pending further investigations the ride will reopen at some point down the track, but that decision could be changed at any moment.
  16. Apparently merlin have closed all there rapid rides in the UK following this incident. I believe that to be the case.
  17. Your not upsetting me, it's just there are more important things at the moment. Everyone is welcome to come lay flowers at the park and pay their respects.
  18. Mate not sure at this moment would have to look over some things which won't be happening for a few weeks. Can't comment on this until police make a statement.
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