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  1. I think I read this here on the forums once, but a clever way someone put it was that WetNWild somehow managed to be completely packed of people whilst simultaneously loosing money.
  2. Yikes.. to say I’m guilty would have to be a major understatement - honestly did not mean to upset anyone with that notion. I always knew Coney Island was heritage listed but had thought that the interior had more flexibility within those restraints (i.e. the mirror maze). My bad. Apologies for that. On a different note - I wonder if enough room remains for pirates revenge? I suppose if roundup was moved to where Spider was it could be feasible, at least for the Summer heat.
  3. Well at least refurbish it - some of the functions/features on the walkway in don’t even work, plus some areas could do with a paint job (I didn’t mean stray away from the “fun house” aspect - my bad, I should have made myself clearer). I definitely wish they would extend the facade all the way around too - especially considering those lined up for BP will get a view of it.
  4. I wonder if after this expansion, Coney Island will get some attention? It has soo much potential and I feel that if they remodel the interior, they could really maximise their space. (Don’t get me wrong - I’m far beyond grateful for the expansion we’re getting now. Just got me thinking on what would be next as this basically leaves the wild mouse and rotor to be the oldest attractions in the park - of which I don’t see getting removed anytime soon.)
  5. This and/or a proper dark ride of sorts. Although in saying that, I'm not sure it'd suit. LP to me is more of a boardwalk-esque park, rather than a fully fledged theme park like something in the Gold Coast or Florida - (Think the Santa Monica Pier in LA). They're pretty limited for room too, so unless they expand beyond Maloney's Corner (or should I say Luna Land) to where the train yard is, I don't think any other attractions would be feasible.
  6. I definitely stand by the mine train coaster - I can see it complimenting WWF well, plus anything that’s NOT DC is good in my books haha
  7. I noticed the article also mentioned upgrades to existing rides - do we know anything on this? (I’m guessing minor paint jobs if anything but just out of curiosity haha)
  8. I JUMPED when I read the news... props to Luna Park for keeping it under wraps (unless I'm just completely oblivious lol). I'm so excited to see the changes!
  9. Is power surge set to be a semi-permanent attraction? I know LP's brought it in during school holidays but I thought they brought in Sizzler this winter?
  10. I understand that most of the users on here are Australian (myself included) and could probably care less about HK DL, but as it’s the closest Disney park to Australia, I just thought it’d be interesting to give it a little attention. As I’m sure many of you may know, the HK DL castle has been getting transformed into a brand new (and much larger) castle since January 2018. Since then I’ve been following along on updates to it every now and then, and it just baffles me how much better it looks in person than the concept art - of course, that’s subjective to my opinion though. Anyway, here is a link to the latest update on it; https://youtu.be/72YaRGyyWSE Just wanted to know what everyone thinks of it if anything. I think it’s great that HK is getting more originality to it, as its mainstreet, castle and train station was identical to that of DLR.
  11. The load times aren't a ride issue. They're a Luna Park issue. The only ride that loads fast is the Hair Raiser. Everything else takes way too long. Of course, more staffing would help with this but to be honest, I've seen heaps of staff on rides at times so even then, I reckon it's just their loading and unloading methods that need to be re-looked at. In all honesty, the HUSS rides are great, but I feel that the back area behind Coney Island (which I think is called Maloney's corner?) has a lot of space wasted. If they get rid of the breakdance and ranger, and move the toddler rides somewhere else (If there even is somewhere else they can move them too), then I think that entire section could see more major/better themed attractions added.
  12. Just thought that this video deserves a watch; (Seriously, ReviewTyme deserves soo much more love and attention... I LOVE their videos ) Enjoy ❤️
  13. Uh can someone please subscribe to 'find out what these 3 rides are'? 😂
  14. Honestly, anything that suits the theme (which I think LPS is starting to 'keep more in touch with' lately)
  15. Ooh. Well if it’s making a profit then yeah keep it. If it is is indeed aiming to become more of an “Aquatic Park” and not so much a theme park then I understand.. but I just don’t think that it should continue to brand itself as one of it has barely any rides.
  16. Oh the tent on the flying saucer area would be for the Halloscream event (it’s one of the houses) They had one there last year too.
  17. Not sure if this has been discussed, But does anyone else think that Village Roadshow should sell Sea World to 'Sea World Theme Parks & Resorts'? And if so, does anyone actually know the chances of it actually happening? The park seems to have gotten worse over the years and it's honestly just sad, so I'm hoping that a decent company could make it 'good' again. Plus if they did sell it, then it could help Village pay off debt. After all, they sold Wet'n'Wild Sydney, so what harm could selling Sea World do? (By the way - if this has been discussed before then can someone please just link me to the thread?)
  18. https://movieworld.com.au/attractions https://www.rwsentosa.com/en/attractions/universal-studios-singapore/things-to-do/rides https://www.rwsentosa.com/en/attractions/universal-studios-singapore/things-to-do/shows Oh.. I counted up these and compared but if I'm wrong then show me haha. Regardless of how many rides though - Can't Universal just opt for a smaller 'layout'? I mean look at it this way; Every Disney Park (maybe not so much Shanghai) has that 'classic' Disney park layout with a Town Square, Mainstreet, Hub, Castle and then the themed lands around it. Universal, however, doesn't really have a set layout. I mean, just compare all their parks. They don't really match in terms of layout - nor do they completely in rides (e.g. No HP land at USS). With that said, couldn't Universal just make a smaller park with only enough rides to keep the guests happy? I understand that we don't have the tourism aspect for it - but MW is able to survive (or at least has been able to in the past), and if the other parks are still making profits, then is it EXTREMELY detrimental if one of them isn't exceeding their expectations entirely? (Such as Paris and HK not matching Disney's expectations). Anyway, I personally don't see Universal coming here anytime soon, but it's still fun to contemplate the possibilities. Edit: Adding onto this - I read somewhere that in relation to Disney; they're somehow able to have parks (Paris, HK) not turn a profit but yet still survive with just Shanghai (apparently it's doing really well?), so couldn't the same be said for Universal? I can't remember for the life of me on where I read that though ^
  19. Is this referring to temporary rides, or could this be the possibility of the chair swing ride being open by then?
  20. Was googling some things and came across this recent article; https://www.ausleisure.com.au/news/merlin-entertainments-looks-to-develop-new-australian-expansion/ It seems they want to open up a 'Dungeons' somewhere here... and they want to open another Legoland Discovery Centre.
  21. Hey! (I'm only imagining how many eye rolls that this title would have received... 😂) So I know this is a 'cliche' topic and has been discussed several times, but I just want to know peoples thoughts to the following; Many say that Australia can't accomodate a Universal Studios park due to the small population that Australia has, yet Singapore has only got a population of 5 million? As well as that, Universal Studios Singapore only has about 20 attractions - in comparison to Movie World that has 24 - and it's size isn't ALL that big (It literally surrounds a lagoon). I can understand why a Disney park wouldn't work in Australia, but I feel like a Universal Studios park has potential? Anyway, I'm a curious person and just want to see/hear what other people think about this.
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