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  1. I came across this photo whilst trawling the Daily Telegraph website. http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/entertain...52481881?page=7 I'm guessing the ring was there to install the track and brakes. Bussy
  2. Here is another article on the park: http://www.news.com.au/travel/holiday-idea...9-1225853494384 Bussy
  3. I always have been and always will be against loose article on rides. Those of you who have been around for a long time will know my point of view on this issue from previous discussions on this issue. During my 5 years as a ride operator here in Australia and overseas I have seen on numerous occassions what happens when a loose article comes off a ride. The result is not pretty for the item that has come off the ride, thankfully I have never personally seen anyone get hit but have witnessed some close calls. The park I worked at overseas had a loose article policy but it wasn't as strict as Wonderland Sydney and I did notice a large number of incidents there. Bussy
  4. The problem with these boards is that they are hard to keep acurate as has been stated above. The problem when we did us them at Wonderland was that it was so busy and it was all hands on deck so there was no one available to go and change the board. The other problem I have with these boards is, how do you judge the length of a queue? Yes you can make a guestimate but it also depends on the operator(how fast and effiecent they are), how many people you have operating the ride (loaders or unloaders or not) and even weather condiditions(if it's hot generally people work slower and some rides operater slower in wet weather). The only advantage I can see in these boards, is for the operators, generally if people see an hour wait on a ride they won't or will be reluctant to join the queue. This then reduces the pressure on the operator of the ride. Bussy
  5. So the Big Pineapple itself is safe but that doesn't go for the rest of the park. Bussy
  6. Wonderland originally had "toll booths" to get into the car park their remains are still there. I don't think they lasted long and I have no idea what they charged. Personally I would object to paying for parking at a theme park, as I do anywhere else and if I can avoid it I will by doing a bit of a dodgy move and getting free or very reduced parking cost. Wait what am I saying, the toll both remains are long gone just like the rest of the park. Bussy
  7. It's an evil evil game and should be black listed! The single player mode is too short as well.
  8. You need enough water under you to provide "lubrication". From my time as supervisor of The Beach at WLS I never came across anyone having trouble on the slides wearing rashies. There was a problem with people of the Mulsim faith and Indian decent thinking it was ok to try and go on a slide fully clothed. I lost track of the number of times I was called a racist because I denied them entry to the slides. I had to explain that it was because they physically wouldn't slide down the slide about 20 times before they got it through their heads and understood that I was preventing them embarassment. Bussy
  9. Why are people so stupid? Oh well, peoples stupidity keeps me in a job so I guess it's ok. I have a motto which is: "I have no compassion for stupidity", enough said I think. Bussy
  10. Cables (now Cables Wake Park) is definitely opening. I just go my Panthers members magazine today and there is a full page ad for it. Not much information except it is re-opening in November. A website has also been setup at www.cableswakepark.com again not much information but it's there. Bussy
  11. Here are a couple of photos I took from the front of my house at 7am when I go home from work. The first is with the "sunset" setting turned on the other on the standard setting. The third is my car. I had a bit of trouble finding my car when I left work because all of the cars in the car park looked the same. I am hoping the prediction of another dust storm for the weekend are incorrect as I washed my car yesterday and I don't want to have to do it again. Bussy
  12. Aldi don't have a store in Minchinbury and their first store in Australia was in Bankstown. What they do have at Minchinbury however is their head office and largest distribution centre, which is about to be surpassed by their Prestons centre which will be opening in the next few months.
  13. Not quite linking a banned site, naughty naughty Alex. The point I was trying to make is that both rides are the same thing and it's pointless listing them both. Bussy
  14. Hey Wazza, Good to hear that you got out to Asterix, the photos look great. How's life in the land of the frog treating you? Bussy
  15. Why are you wondering again? Anyway, I worked there for nearly 5 years and don't remember "Gold Rush", "Sea Demon" or "The Beach" being rides at WLS. Does anyone have any info on these rides? Bussy
  16. It's a moronic approach to boycott a company because they have a premise on a bit of land that used to be a theme park. Chances are they don't even own the building or land just lease it from another company. You might as well take all your money out of the bank and hide it in your mattress while you are at it because the banks provide the finance for these kind of developments. For those of you who "boycotted" LG products it is even more stupid because LG were there before Wonderland closed and you not spending $100 on a DVD player, I doubt most of you can afford a couple of thousand dollar TV, made no difference to their bottom line. Bussy
  17. I have found the following links in the ride database: http://www.parkz.com.au/parks/AU/Sydney/Un...ney_Theme_Park/ http://www.roller-coaster.com.au/park.php?pid=57 I was wondering when they were entered into the database and where the information came from? Bussy
  18. Actually Wonderland had 2 slides that required tubes, Aqua Tube was the other one. I remember the trouble we had towards the end getting boats that would last more than several trips down the slide. Several times I was given a bunch of money, at one point $700, and the keys to the security Barina and told to go and get some boast. I ended up at Clarke Rubber haggling with the Indian owner of the store for all his boat in store for the cash he had. Haggling with an Indian store owner is one of the hardest things I have ever done, stingy only starts to discribe him. In the end I won though Mountain Cascades was closed for quiet a while before Wonderland, mainly because it required 2 staff members and we were struggling to man the rest of the Beach. Bussy
  19. Good luck getting a theme park up and running in Sydney in, this is my most hated phrase at the moment and can't believe I'm using it, the current economic climate. Facebook groups and banners on the side of the road are pointless you are better off talking to a tree in the local park if you want action. Bussy
  20. I fail to see how telling us which part of the act or regulations gives away what information you may or may not have. Unless, that is, the part of the act or the regulation says "Information relating to the real reasons why Wonderland Sydney, owned by Sunway, closed, shall not be disclosed". The act and regulations are not that specific. I know a fair bit about privacy law due to my current job. The information I have access to is extensive and extremely sensitive and if I accessed it without good reason and/or leaked it I would not only loose my job but I would also be charged with a serious indictable offence and most likely have a stint in gaol. Bussy
  21. Which part? That's like saying "I broke the law". Which law? Relating to what? Was it a serious offence or minor? There are so many parts of the privacy laws it's not funny and unless you have a law degree it's mostly jibberish. Bussy
  22. What I was trying to point out is that unless you know what type of bar code the company is using, there are heaps and it is probably be one of their own making, it is pointless to speculate on what the bar code means, unless you have access B&M's company information. I can tell you that, after some research, I have found that 9 digit bar codes are not an international standard. Bussy
  23. I have looked at the proposal, this thread and the thread that has branched off it and I find it strange that you would come to a forum with this. Fair enough if you had managed to get backing and it had been built somewhere and you wanted to pass on further information about it, but not when any of that has happened yet. Personally I think you are way off with your estimate of $200,000 and 6 weeks to operation. It looks like you plan to have solar and wind technology to generate the power. Those are both still expensive technologies, even with government grants. My family has a 50 year history in the construction game and I can tell you that the materials cost for a project of that scale, in water will be close to, if not over $200,000. On top of that you have planning, engineering, administration, labour, and government costs. I have no doubt you will be able to get corporate sponsorship for this, and while I don't know how much you plan to get out of that, but I think you will find that it will be less than you expect because corporate sponsors want a good deal out of sponsorship ie, want something back from it and while in the short term they may get publicity, the fact is in the long term people will forget about the habitat and that's not good when it comes to and income stream from corporations. It's a good idea but wouldn't work well at a theme park. Maybe you should be proposing this to the Great Barrier Reef Authority or somewhere is Western Australia. Bussy
  24. The prefix for bar codes in Australia is 93, in NZ it is 94. But this is only for items manufactured in those countries. If you have a look at a bar code and it's doesn't have 93 at the start, look at where it is produced, it won't be Australia. Bussy
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