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  1. That's just stupid that it removes that URL as it's relevent to the thread, anyway Alex put it up so it doesn't matter. If I knew it was going to do that I would of made a TinyURL and put that as the link. Bussy
  2. Have a look at http://www.----URL removed for non-compliance with Community Guidelines----/ Bussy
  3. Having worked as a lifeguard at WLS I know how hard it can be to keep an eye on everything that is going on in a pool, especially with teenage school kids. It would be easy to miss this happening because looking at the group they may appear to be just mucking around and besides that you have the rest of the people in the pool to worry about. The definition of "sexual assault" is very broad and without knowing further information it's hard to say what really happened. Bussy
  4. I was driving past the old site and happened to have my camera with me so I stopped in to take some photos. I have been told that the area where Bush Beast and Snowy once stood is going to be the new whizz bang automated Coca-Cola plant. wls1.jpg: Looking towards the hill (now half a hill) where Demon and Space Probe once stood. wls2.jpg: Probably from halfway through Gold Rush towards where Bush Beast and Snowy were. wls3.jpg: Looking up to where Beastie and Little Wonders Land once stood. wls4.jpg: From where The Beach was through Bush Beast. wls5.jpg: Looking up through Gold Rush. wls6.jpg: Looking towards Snowy. wls7.jpg: From car park 2 looking through the Wildlife Park towards Beastie.
  5. Just out of interest, how do you create a fraudulent account? I can create an account on any website, not just this one and claim to be whoever I want to be and there is not much anyone can do about it other than ban the account. Obviously this person was/is an employee of WVTP otherwise there wouldn't have been a problem and the information would have been eventually proved false. I haven't seen any of the posts as I haven't been on the site for several weeks now. Bussy
  6. Either did I that's why I said I was operating the Demon when it's cable snapped. Space Probe had 2 cables on each catch wagon. When the cable snapped on it the operator hit the e-stop and shut down the ride with the cabins around the top of the roof of the launch building. I would dare say that a single cable and winch would be sufficient to pull up a cabin by itself but I'm not 100% sure on that. As for the Demon cable snap it was very lucky that the train only had about 10 people on it, if it had many more it would have stopped in the boomerang, as it nearly did anyway. Bussy
  7. Hahaha great reply Gazza. The news story I heard said he was retrieving a hat from the ride area. Now that's something to loose your head over. No doubt his family will try some ridiculous law suite against the park. Bussy
  8. I have never been stuck on a ride, but having been an operator for nearly 5 years I have had plenty of experience with them. I e-stopped most rides at Wonderland. The worst one I ever had was the cable snap while operating Demon, I can still recall the sound and movement vividly when I think about it. I have even had someone stuck on the Speed Slide, the girl freaked out and I had to walk down next to her while she pushed herself down. Probably the funniest was when I took a free ride on the helicopter only to have a 61 Charlie call come over the radio, it was a little hard to explain why it took me so long to respond to the call but I got away with it. Bussy
  9. Good luck to you if you are going to raid them under the cover of darkness, you will need a large truck with a HiAb on the back and some bones for the guard dogs on the property. Bussy
  10. Sorry Mickey, it's to late Sydney already is a bad town, well some suburbs and areas anyway, and having Police Officers in your family you should know that. I know from professional experience that there are some areas that the Police won't go into unless there are several cars going in at the same time. Ninja, you obviously attract trouble (or you have a big mouth that doesn't know when to close) if you have been bashed numerous times and as Mickey said Police are humans as well, they don't want to go into situations where they are putting themselves in danger. The sooner all Officers are equipped with tasers the better. Anyway back onto the subject, you can guarantee that the bag searches and front gate checks next year will be much more stringent. "The Bus is now leaving for Stab Creek, Tasmania"
  11. Bounty's did make a noise everytime it hit the wheels but I wouldn't call it a screech, more of a soothing whirl, maybe I just got used to it after hours and hours of operation. The best noise from Bounty's is when the e-stop was hit, think of a car locking up it's breaks. "The Bus is now leaving for Screech Owl Creek, NSW"
  12. 14 hours a day for 40 days on the Bush Beast. I think that would be the record, at least for Australia. Previous thread is here. "The Bus is now leaving for Hurley Heights, NSW"
  13. It's a camera that can be attached to the front of the train. The Demon had a similar setup that could be attached to the front of the train, I believe it was only used a couple of times as it was much easier to gaffer tape a video camera to someone’s hand then close the ride down for 30 minutes or so to attach the camera holder. "The Bus is now leaving for Red Tape Creek, Tasmania"
  14. I agree that Jamberoo is relatively inaccessible. I drove down there earlier this year and was surprised at how bad the road to the park was, it's tight and in some places I wouldn't like to be coming towards a bus. There is plenty of room for them to make the road bigger and if they are expecting 100,000 more people into the park they will need to do it. "The Bus is now leaving for The Narrow, NSW"
  15. I believe the ex-operations manager was doing that for a while as well. "The Bus is now leaving for Horizontal Hill, Tasmania"
  16. Going to a theme park and being spotted by ash.1111 and then to have him/her follow me around for the whole day. I get the shakes and cold shivers just thinking about it. "The Bus is now leaving for Shivery Gully, NSW"
  17. Thank God I can go up some stairs to get away from you. "The Bus is now leaving for Thank Christ Corner, Victoria"
  18. What the #@&*! That's like me saying Wonderland will re-open, Luna Park will get some decent rides, Sea World will get a Blue Whale, Movie World will open a Debbie Does Dallas 'experience', Dream World will offer Tiger skin rugs in the gift shop, and Wet 'n' Wild will open a sand slide that's guaranteed to give you friction burns. *All of the above is subject to change. "The Bus is now leaving for Last Change, Western Australia"
  19. Come off it, "these books are timeless", how many kids in 10 years will be reading Harry Potter, very few would be my guess. I can't knock the Harry Potter series, they have encouraged kids to read who may have been reluctant to read otherwise, however there are, have been and always will be book series that do this, when I was at school it was Paul Jennings and his short story books. Yes there have been very few books that have been anywhere near as successful as Harry Potter but that doesn't mean they will be popular forever, can you see people learning J.K Rowlings in 400 years time, Shakespeare style? "The Bus is now leaving for Shakespeare Crag, Tasmania"
  20. While this is a great idea, what I can't understand, and haven't been able to understand is why they wait until Harry Potter (or the Matrix, or any number of movies) series have finished. While Harry Potter will be popular for some time still, this park is 2 years away, this park should have been planned and construction started around the time of the third book, not the seventh and last book in the series. For me this is a $1.22bn waste of money. "The Bus is now leaving for Potter Island, Western Australia"
  21. This issue is a very delicate legal matter. Generally speaking employees need to be advised that the workplace does random drug/alcohol, it is usually in the employment contract, however if there is an accident where WorkCover or the Police have to be called they may choose to do the testing. However this is relatively rare as it is usually only done when there is a fatality or serious injury (loss of limb etc). My current job does active random breath testing, however I am not subject to this as was the case in my previous job. "The Bus is now leaving for Random Swamp, NSW"
  22. I really don't think price is an issue for the Dubians (is that a word?). Just have a look at The Palm and The World development that is happening off the coast. "The Bus is now leaving for The Palm Lagoon, Queensland"
  23. Went to the show the other day, I got there around 1pm and didn't leave until after 10pm. I didn't get to 'ride alley' only to the few rides that were on the Stadium Australia side of the show. "The Bus is now leaving for Sydney Showground, NSW"
  24. I guess nobody cares. But my suggestion would be for one that works. "The Bus is now leaving for Caren Caren Brook, Western Australia"
  25. Haven't been for about 15 years but will be going this year, it will be a little different from when it was at Moore Park. "The Bus is now leaving for Big Easter Brook, Western Australia"
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