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  1. Movie World have teased an all new event coming these school holidays called ‘Music on Main’. They’re teasing there will be a multi-award winning music act too
  2. Vortex should be moved to Movie World to replace Doomsday. Vortex's location at Sea World should be used instead for a Ferris wheel for scenic views of the dolphin pools, ski lake, as well as providing a visual weenie for guests entering the park. To further this, SW has no need of 140cm filler, and Trident even if worked would not provide enough capacity for the family crowd. A thrill ride next to dolphin pools, while not cruel, is not a good 'look' Doomsday is MW's biscuit, and needs to go. Vortex could actually add needed capacity that is unused at SW. Comment, and tell me I'm wrong. I dare you.
  3. I stumbled across this gem uploaded by “A&A Home Movies” on YouTube. It’s an incredibly in depth look (over an hour long) at classic Movie World from 1992, containing full recordings of numerous defunct attractions and shows in decent quality. (For some reason, YouTube won’t let me embed it, so here’s a link): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h4S1WKrhi8E Also found this video from “Roger Garrod” showing the park under construction in early 1991!
  4. New DA up for a hotel at Movie World, designed by DBI - MCU/2022/523
  5. The app has just been updated to state H&V is returning in the upcoming school holidays, website has yet to be updated. Glad to see the parade moved to 5pm and later trade for the park in general, through the grapevine have heard the plan is to return the event to the opening standard.
  6. Just got an email about changes to memberships. price is DOUBLING per month and fright nights access has been removed what the actual f**k
  7. Stumbled upon this on my tiktok fyp https://vt.tiktok.com/ZS8EUCQHN/
  8. Yes, I know Justice League was only introduced 10 years ago and had a refurb not long ago. However, I am wondering what it could be replaced with, seeing as it is very unpopular. I reckon after Scooby/WoO we will see it removed TBH. What I would like - a river ride based on Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. It fits into the "classic movies" thing that MW is going for with WoO, also is one of Warner's most popular franchises.
  9. Thought I would start this up for fun. Each Saturday I list two rides from two different parks, and people vote what is best. Voting will close on Thursdays, and on Fridays the results are revealed. One ride is saved and one is turned into paperclips. For example, it could be Superman Escape v Steel Taipan one week. If ST wins it would be added to the list while Superman would be removed. Clones will be counted as one choice, not two. Also you do not need to have ridden the coaster to vote, but it would be good if you have. Let's start off with... TNT (Gumbuya World) vs. Kenny's Forest Flier (Dreamworld) In my opinion I would pick TNT. It is actually really fun and intense for a family coaster and I am glad Movie World is getting a clone. Also it goes fast the whole length of the ride while KFF seems to go slow in the second half. Remember to put results in by Thursday.
  10. It is time to vote for a droptower to be in the all-star park. I have picked 5 of the best which will face off in the poll. Please note: Kiddy droptowers (the ones at Funfields, Aussie World, Little Leaper at Adventure World etc.) are not included. Vote by Thursday.
  11. Time to go back to basics: We will be voting either Green Lantern or Project Zero this time. Remember to put your vote in by Friday.
  12. Hello everyone! I am planning to go to the Gold Coast in 2023. I come from Bendigo, Victoria so cannot go often. This is my third time going to the GC parks, me going before in March 2015 and August 2022. However, I am planning to go again in 2023. The question is, when? I don't want to go before June (dont want to risk SE/DD/BS/DCR/WWF being closed) and will be willing to drop Scooby as it is closed. I also cannot go during September because I am going to Thailand. I am also going with another person who doesn't want to go during November and December due to the heat. So it leaves July, August and October. I am hoping to go in the latter as most rides are open as well as Fright Nights. Could you give me some suggestions? Thanks.
  13. Time to do something different: We will be comparing Storm Coaster to the log flumes as I feel like Storm cannot be compared with anything else. Put your votes in by Tuesday.
  14. Time to pick the fourth coaster in the list. This time there will be 3 options due to their being over 2 wild mouse coasters in Australia. Please note: this does not count the Crazy Spinning Coaster in carnivals, only permanent versions. Remember to put votes in by Wednesday.
  15. I know we once had a topic for this, but I can't seem to find it. Was just surfing the net and found a heap of older pics of Movieworld, not sure if they've been posted on here before, but see for yourself. There is one of Marvin Rocket Ride, a few of Looney Tunes Village, couple of Main Street and the star parade etc. This is the site where I found some of these pics: http://www.margarethouse.com.au/family/Holiday03/0626lsl.html Some are from 2003, not sure if they are all from 2003.
  16. This time we will be doing two polls. Also due to the WoO Boomerang not being open, you can compare it to POVs of Tweestyrd as well as the theming on the concept art. Vote by Saturday.
  17. Time for round two, this time it will be Superman Escape vs. Steel Taipan. Put your votes in by Saturday.
  18. Personally, I'm stoked about the new Wizard of Oz precinct at Movie World. I'm excited to see the park embrace a brand new area themed to an iconic Hollywood classic. However, I cannot understand the business rationale behind such a expensive investment. As iconic as the film is, I cannot image it carries the same cultural resonance it had even thirty years ago when the park first opened. While lots of people are understandably sick of DC-themed attractions at MW, superheroes are undeniably big money at the moment. Are kids born post-2000 even familiar with the Wizard of Oz? I can't image, with the endless streaming options on ever single device, kids are sitting down to watch a fantasy film from 1939 (though perhaps I'm wrong). So my question is: who is this new precinct for? I'm sure it can't just be for the park enthusiasts like me who happen to love old movies. Any speculation welcome.
  19. From Jagg's Journey's latest video, there are markings leading up to RR's entrance which show a bigger queue: I think it is good IMO. I remember Road Runner's queue extending down past the trees when I was there in August so will help to make a longer official queue area.
  20. Paying $400 to enter the park and achieve 2 maybe 3 rides ruins peoples days. You can't argue with that. The procedures are way over the top - there's no reason why the ride can operate as linked above, without a seatbelt, without attendants pushing down on every restraint and without using a RFID verify. Eliminate all these things and everyone is happier! (except for the marginal drop in express passes I guess)
  21. Hi all, just after some advice for my upcoming gold coast trip. As I'm only there for 4 days, I'm looking at getting a 3 park 3 day village pass. Dreamworld, to me, seems like a bit of a waste of a day with GD down and my only real interest being ST. ideally I'd obviously stay a bit longer, but work commitments unfortunately hindered my ability to do so. This is My first time on the Gold Coast as an adult, so any tips or advice you guys can give me (where to eat, rides to hit first etc.) will be greatly appreciated. The trip in Question is occuring 30 Jan - 2 Feb.
  22. What the heck has happened to all the background music around Movie World? Walking around the park yesterday, the only area that had decent working audio was Main Street. All other areas were either dead silent with no music playing whatsoever or had so many broken speakers that it could hardly be heard. I know this may seem like a somewhat unimportant issue in the scheme of things (and that I’m being a little picky). However, it made for a very dull experience overall and caused many of the areas to feel pretty bland and lack atmosphere. Music is such an essential part of theme parks, helping to create an atmosphere, immerse you in the attractions and assist in making your time within the park a little more exciting, magical and special. Movie World has historically been extremely good at this, with themed music appropriate to each area of the park surrounding you at every turn. However, since 2019 things have taken a noticeable turn for the worse (and they’ve only gone further downhill as time’s gone on). Here’s a quick rundown of the current audio situation (from what I’ve observed) within the park: *Superman Escape’s external music - not working, hasn’t played since 2019. *Green Lantern’s queue music - not working, hasn’t played since 2019. *DC Rivals entrance music - playing, however only one speaker is functioning correctly. *DC Rivals queue music - playing, but only the speakers behind the murals and in the station unload area are working. *Scooby’s external music - not working during my visit yesterday, only seems to play half the time depending on the day. *Doomsday - playing, but multiple speakers are clearly damaged (sound very distorted and lacking bass or treble) *Wild West area - not working, hasn’t played since the WWF upgrade in 2021. *Looney Tunes area - not working, hasn’t played correctly since the RRRC upgrade in 2021. New speakers were added around the tree in mid 2022 and the area music briefly played through them for a while. However those are no longer operating either and the land is now back to complete silence. *Road Runner queue music - not working, hasn’t played for about 4 months. *Main Street locker area - not working, hasn’t played for about 4 months. So yeah, as you can see, barley anything is playing at the park right now and the fact that some areas (like outside Superman Escape) haven’t had working audio for over 4 years at this point is pretty ridiculous. This would never happen at any of the Disney, Universal and other “world class” parks out there. I actually managed to ask a maintenance worker I bumped into what the deal was with the lack for audio. He told me that “Superman’s outdoor mushroom speakers were stuffed” and they “were having trouble replacing them”. I’m not sure why they would have such trouble, considering they’re just speakers that sit on the ground (and I discovered that they can be purchased locally from this place in Robina, literally 20 mins up the road): https://www.scpaudio.com/LS-21-Garden-Speaker-30W-100V-3-Taps In any case, surly it doesn’t take over 4 years to fix something as simple as a basic audio system with a few speakers. As to why the new speakers around the tree in the Loony Tunes area have been turned off again, the worker informed me that they were “clashing with the sound of the carousel”. Considering the carousel and the area music have always played side by side with no issues, I’m not sure why it’s suddenly a problem now. The carousel wasn’t operating during my visit, meaning nothing was playing at all. However, it would have to be blasting pretty loud to effect the audio by the tree. In addition, all of the broken, neglected mushroom speakers in this area have still not been repaired and continue to sit there in silence, rotting away as they have done for years now. I understand I may sound a little overly negative here. However, to me music has always been such an important part of the experience of visiting Movie World (or any other theme park for that matter) and it’s incredibly disappointing to see it become so neglected by the park. In my opinion, VRTP have done a pretty good job with MW recently, turning it around and breathing new life into it (through actions such as tidying up the park, refreshing attractions such as JL, improving their annual events, announcing/building new attractions ect.) and they deserve praise for that. Yet despite all of this, the audio problem has persisted and continues to get worse and worse. It’s become so bad that even friends I visit the park with have noticed and commented on it. I’m hoping Movie World will continue the good work they’ve done in other departments and return the auditory experience of the park to its former glory, thereby assisting in making the overall guest experience the best it can possibly be.
  23. I'm wondering if anybody has any insight: My understanding is the park is operated by Village Roadshow, who have the exclusive Australian rights to utilise Warner Bros properties and characters within the park. How much say does WB have in regard to the use of these properties? For example, if there's a new Warner Bros movie the studio is hoping to advertise, could they instruct Village to install a new attraction based on this property, or are these decisions left entirely up to Village? Are Village operating at the behest of WB, or can they pick and choose which properties to use and when? Any explanations would be helpful, thanks.
  24. I don't know if there is a topic for this already, Every time there is a minor incident in the Gold Coast Theme parks the media always ramp up the story and make it seem really bad. For example if a ride has a routine stoppage and people need to be assisted off the media jump straight on making it seem like these rides are unsafe. I wonder if this keeps people away from the park. media from earlier today states a spoke person for Village Road Show theme parks said there were 2 faults detected on Green lantern and Doomsday Destroyer. These faults are most likely really small yet they make it seem like a really big thing. What are your guys thoughts on this.
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