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Major Wet'n'Wild expansion revealed

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This is awesome, it is exactly the sort of thing WnW needs. Im looking foward to that tornado slide but too bad it wont be till next year. Still the many body slides whould be good. I like the sound of those spiral ones. By the sound of the press release its almoat as if they have read peoples ideas (Increase capacity, more body slides, tornado slide) straight off the forums

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Thats sort of what I was thinking, its rather Odd for the park to be stagnant with its additions for a few years, and then all of a sudden have this big wave of new rides stretched out over a year. I think they must be preparing themselves for competition with DW. I have a feeling this could be a major battle ground between MLT and WVTP because it would be comparitivley cheap and easy to add in new rides. That is of course if DW decides to build a waterpark.

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This is some really exciting news from Wet 'n' Wild - it certainly does seem like a lot of our wishes have been granted. I am also very surprised by the way WnW has gone about the announcement and addition of these new attractions. In the past, they have only added 1 new attraction per year (or even per couple of years) with plenty of hype. To all of a sudden go all out with these new additions in one hit seems very strange. The fact that they have even announced what is coming next year makes it even weirder. Why the change of tact? As I think another user suggested, I would like to have seen some of these attractions rolled out progressively over the last couple of years when they weren't doing much at all with the park. But besides all that I am really thrilled that the park is making such a substantial investment. Well done WnW!

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