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Hello, Ok well ill start of when we arrived (offcourse) ;) We had bought our tickets already and we picked the wrong line! There was a guy scanning his ticket waiting for a beep :blink: he was their for 10 mintutes until someone pointed it out :huh: so that delayed us getting in ( BECAUSE IT HAPPENED AGAIN). We ran straight to SE and got on in about 30 minutes. We went on that straight away cause we knew it would brake down by 12. and it did :rolleyes: . Then we went to SDSC and that was a 40 min wait. I noticed that the disco room had some more lasers working then last time. After that we had something to eat and endin up going on WWF , it soaks you alot now!We ended up going on SDSC again and then watched the new HWSD show which i found quite boring! So we ended going back by 5pm. So that was my day. I have some questions though. When SE Broke down it kept going through test runs. One time it was normal and the next time a tiny bit slower but does anyone have any idea why it always brakes down around lunch? Movie_World

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Guest mrt

police academy was waaaaaaay better, i think your right about it being boring, IT HAS NO STORYLINE!!

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Guest mrt
They do to much talking , no story line and the only good bit is at the end. otherwise their just going around corners and chasing each other!
Obviously I agree. Edited by Gazza
Spelling and puncutation please!

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