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River ride for closure ?

River Ride Closing in 2011  

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  1. 1. If River Ride got demolish what would you turn it into?

    • Indoor Coaster
    • another themed river ride
    • another show stage
    • indoor karts
    • laser skirmish
    • Others ( Examples)

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I really like the river ride, its definetly one of the classics of theme park ameristralia. I can't wait to go on it soon. I'd rather have an old ride than a new Hyper-CG/3D/No Storyline/Over in 7 seconds Rollercoaster/Ride.

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An indoor coaster to replace Scooby Doo now it sucks.
But we want MW to increase its Rides & Attractions list, not replace it. What's the point of installing a new Ride/Attraction if your not going to maintain the standards? Seeing as SDSC is one of the best "themed" attractions at the park. Edited by SuperYoshi
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final drop laser is a given. I realise the problems with reinstating the previous lasers, but the green lasers hitting the side-mirrors and bouncing all around just made the disco room, much better than the coloured laser. Look the coloured laser certainly is a great effect, but it's not as visible. The comment i replied to was "as good as ever". THe coloured laser is good. I'm not saying its BAD, just different. The ghost train part doesn't have the same quality it used to - some of the animatronics aren't on the same timing \ they look tired, and the spotlighting on some of the effects (for instance - the first scooby after the station) never turns off - so while you're queueing in the station, you can see the start of the storyline. The lift sound effects - "scooby... scooby doo where are you?" and the wind effects are almost non existent. (Last ride where I observed this was the last weekend of June). Smoke presence in the disco room isn't as good as previous - but this may just be the fact it isn't AS visible without such a BRIGHT green laser.

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Well I think you should be very careful when throwing around the term 'deficiencies in operation.' If you don't like a current effect then that's fine but your comment implies the effects in the ride aren't working, not that you don't like them. Same goes for the final laser, it is there and does work, you just aren't happy with their choice of effect. That's your prerogative but doesn't mean you can criticize the operations of the ride. As for Scooby, that light does go out, but given the only time the doors open is for a car to pass, and the light comes on for that car, I don't see how you expect it to be off when the doors are open??

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My last visit, I was in the queue station for approx 4 minutes - and the entry doors NEVER closed. During that time, the light was ALWAYS on. As to my choice of words:

Definitions of deficiency on the Web: •lack: the state of needing something that is absent or unavailable •Inadequacy or incompleteness; •deficient - inadequate in amount or degree •deficient - insufficient: of a quantity not able to fulfill a need or requirement •deficient - falling short of some prescribed norm; "substandard housing" •Lacking in something important.
In my own opinion, the operation is deficient, as it is lacking some effects that made the attraction in it's hey day. As my response was to a comment "as good as ever", my statement that there are deficiencies in current operation, when compared to "as good as ever" is a valid one. The current effects are inadequate, as a red laser does not mask the drop like the green one. Insufficient, as a blue\red room laser, in a room that is lit with deep red light, is not as highly visible as high power, high speed green lasers flitting across the room and bouncing off lasers. The current effects fall short of the standard established by the original effect set up. The persons involved in the implementation of the current range of effects should not take this personally, and again, it is just an opinion, which I am entitled.
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I think you are confusing the lights that illuminate the whole scene with the one that comes on as you turn the corner and highlights scooby. One stays on all the time and the other comes on as scooby speaks. Well at least it did when I rode it last week.

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I am pleased to report the disco room is flooded with smoke - so much so that the exit room had reduced visibility under the fluoro lighting. The green lasers bouncing off the mirrors down each side ARE BACK!!!. The red laser IS NOT ONLY VISIBLE.... but it ACTUALLY DOES SOMETHING! It may not be the spooky effect we are used to with the old green laser - but it is more than just a red dot at the back wall. Either someone paid attention to my comments above, or someone in that park just finally bothered to do something about it on their own. The sound in the lift shaft is cranked right up - you can here Daphne calling scooby quite clearly. The front doors at the load station still don't close, and scooby was CLEARLY lit up the entire time, however the rest of the effects (excepting the creature that falls down from above right before the swinging blades - its just plain missing, but the sound effects are still there) - the rest of the effects in the ghost train part of the ride are perfect, and I cannot praise enough. Much additional effort has gone into scooby again since my last ride, less than a month ago - i'll give it a "best as it's ever been" tag at this point.

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