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Movieworld Land Area

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NEVER knew Movie World had that much land?! (well Warner Village). That's a lot more than Dreamworld (well Ardent) own now! :| But I think there's still a lot more 'free' land left for Dreamworld & Whitewater World as a lot of Warner's is taken up by the paddocks for Outback spectacular, isn't it? And yes, I'm using this land for my idea too, but I don't think I actually have the same idea.... Or maybe I do?

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a lot of Warner's is taken up by the paddocks for Outback spectacular, isn't it?
If you switch to satellite view on the map above you can see the little clearing for Paradise Country on the bottom left. You can see that the paddocks for AOS don't take up more than the size of WNW and there is still two to three times the size of WNW spare land in the forest.
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Problem being that you see all of that vacant land at the bottom of the area but it's useless for park expansion just because it's so far away. Movieworld is literaly surround on all sides by something, creek, studios, admin, car park, so it doesn't really have anywhere to go without the studios giving up space and thats not likely to ever happen. And just FYI the studios are anything but abandoned at the moment. The entire complex is full to the brim with a number of productions. Whilst they may be empty at times, you can't count on this, as was seen with Saw Maze this year, it was evicted from the studios as a production came in.

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